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Insane units bug?

So after I spend a lot of hours in this game I realised something insane. I don't know if it is a bug or it is a game mechanic but if it is a game mechanic this is unbelievable and should me changed immediately.

So let's say that I attacked a settlement killed everyone and sacked it and... this is where the fun starts. If I leave this area and the fog of war covers the settlements guess what is happening.... The next round there is a fully stacked 20/20 army coming at me and destroying everything. And.. now that I think of it does this happens in other games of the series?

Im not sure about it . I really think this is something insane because in the end game there is always a faction with 100 plus settlements and the problem is that there is no time for me to do anything... I don't have the time to recover , every time I take a settlement the next round 3 fully stacked armies are marching on me and destroy everything... Every round I can have 3-5 units cards and the AI can have 5-6+ fully stacked armies.. This is so unfair..

If this is a game mechanic I will sadly uninstall the game because the AI is unreal and really bad .

Im glad to hear what you will say.
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