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Recuring freeze throughout Troy no matter the specs of the PC

NorthernwasteNorthernwaste Registered Users Posts: 2
Every 5-10 min or so me and my friends all experience a complete freeze of the game for 3-10 seconds, after which it continues where it left off. This happens on the campaign map as well as the battle map and really ruins the otherwise good flow of the game. Worst thing is that this long freeze happens even if you are only in the games menu. That menu with the slowly rotating shield freezes more often than anything else in the game even if nothing else is running on our PC's and no matter how good our hardware is.

This is without a doubt the largest issue we've had with the game so far and we're quite surprised that it haven't been solved in an update yet, as it seems to be such an obvious problem for me and almost everyone we've talked to


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