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Please Make Napoleon 2!!!

jordang777jordang777 Registered Users Posts: 3
Even with Shogun 2 and Rome 2 being superior for me I still think napoleon stacks up against all Total War games. I sure would love to see a new high budget game!

Here are my hopes for Napoleon 2:

-Expanded campaign map that include all of North Africa, the Middle East, Anatolia and perhaps even India?
-More Island settlements in the Mediterranean.
-More mainland settlements in areas that were previously fairly empty. Such as Paris, Madrid and Russia. There could have easily been 3 or 4 smaller provinces around those Settlements.
-In Napoleon, it takes till later in the game with more techs to upgrade your trade ports to max level; and even then you only get 2 building slots to put out trade ships. Perhaps make unit producing buildings expandable as well as upgrade-able? Example: why not be able to add building slots to barracks or shipyards by being able to expand the barracks or ship yards themselves, and upgrading them to produce better units?
-Skill trees for Agents and Generals.
-More Techs.
-More Buildings Resources and Agriculture.
-The ability for an army to build forts on the campaign map that they can winter in and fight out of in Battles.
-More City defenses and siege warfare. In Napoleon pretty much all battles were essentially field battles.
-More playable factions and unique units to each faction.
-Unique agents for factions.
-The ability to field at least 2 full stacks in a battle like Shogun 2 and Rome 2, maybe even 3 full stacks?
-The ability for navies to bombard coastal settlements.


  • AdrianReinhardt02AdrianReinhardt02 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I agree with all this I also think they should start the campaigns and conquest from 1772 and bring it all the way up to 1850 the expand there timeline that way you can have the ability to change history. I also think that you should be able to change your government type without having to go into civil war. I also think you should be allowed to pick which type of government you want without having to go into civil war
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