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Why Kislev shouldn't be in the game

DangeloDangelo Registered Users Posts: 49
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I think that including Kislev would be an error. That's because it was created to please a certain ethnic group composed of beings that can't accept the fact that they are, and always will be, inferior beings ( I'm referring to Slavs and their pan-slavic movement), and because of this they have the habit of stating their identity in every place to show that they exist. Because of their stubbornness and insolence several of the worst tragedies in History happened. In order to prevent the presence in game of such group I suggest that the game should start with all of the Kislev territory already in ruins with a strong presence of chaos forces ready to invade the Empire. This would be a great loss, because Kislev is just a mix of Empire and Bretonnia and doesn't offer nothing really unique.
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