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2 campaign bugs in Reikland playthrough

ElongmustElongmust Registered Users Posts: 5
Hi CA staff,

I've encountered 2 campaign bugs when playing as Reikland.

Build number: v1.9.2 Build 15685.2026348

Bug #1 -

The Gotrek & Felix event popped up nearby Talabheim, Talabecland which was under my control. I sent an empire captain to the event from afar and hired Gotrek (& Felix) in an end turn. I got Gotrek in a new army but Felix never turned up. Felix was never found on the character list nor did he turn up after 5 more turns.

Reproduction steps - hire Gotrek (& Felix) in an end turn with a roaming hero

Bug#2 -

My Reikland confederated with the Golden Order. Balthasar Gelt was leading an army at the time but I disbanded his army after replacing him with a genuine lord. I attempted to raise a new army with Gelt as the lord in Steingart, Solland after maybe 10-ish turns, however Gelt's army never appeared on the campaign map. There was a cross icon on the mini campaign map indicating an army (?a character) was recruited though. The supply line penalty for 2 armies was also applied (I had only 3 armies, one led by Gotrek so no penalty from him, and the reminder were led by Karl Franz & Gelt). On the army/character list, Gelt was shown as an attached hero (just as empire captain, witch hunter etc.) to Karl Franz's army instead of a lord leading a separate army.

Reproduction steps - confederate the Golden Order and replace Balthasar Gelt immediately if he is leading an army, then raise a new army with Gelt as the lord when he is available after 5 turns.

A save file is attached for your reference..
Thanks heaps for reading this and I hope this can be fixed soon.

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