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Medieval Kingdoms 1212: How can I get better???

LegendarmeLegendarme Registered Users Posts: 1
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Thanks for clicking my post. If you don't have much time, skip the spoilers.

I've been playing the 1212 mod for a year, and I still love it! Although, I'm not good at it. I always play a legendary campaign as the Kingdom of France, which is my favourite due to their strong cavalry. But I haven't finished it successfully. I'm poor at establishing a decent economy. Everyone wants war with me, and I'm not good at battles. I really want to be an excellent general, but I don't know how to be one.
This is my usual battle: when the battle starts, I form my archers at front. after a few arrow exchange, AI Cavs rushed into them. I try to stop them with my Spears (Pikes, Polearms, etc). But sometimes, I fail. Then enemy infantry arrives. I engage them with my Spears and other close-ranged infantry units. I kept my archers to skirmish mode, which I shouldn't. so they are at the back of my main infantry line, firing. AI has a similar formation, but they are better at using infantry than me! I usually lose my infantry fight. Meanwhile, my cavalry are clogged by enemy backlines, only to be killed by enemy spears or got shot by enemy missiles.

So I really want to improve these (1>2>3>4>5>6>7):

1. Using my cavalry exceptionally well. Priorities(for example, should I help my front line first or kill the missiles?), when to form a wedge, how to cycle charge, how to execute an excellent charge and other important information for using cavalry really well.
2. Taking fewer casualties, especially close-ranged units(cavalries, spears, swords, axes, etc)
3. Winning a front line infantry combats
4. How to stop enemy Cavalry effectively with my Spears
5. How to organise and field my units
6. Sieges and counter-siege
7. How to stabilise economy

This is my usual army comp:
2 Melee Cavs, 4 Knights, 1 Pikes, 4 Polearms, 2 Melee Infantry, 3 Shock Infantry, 3 Archers.

I usually have one and a half army, due to my weak economy. AI has a better economy than me due to a mod which makes the campaign much more difficult.
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