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Medieval Kingdoms 1212: How can I get better???

LegendarmeLegendarme Registered Users Posts: 1
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Thanks for clicking my post. If you don't have much time, skip the spoilers.

I've been playing the 1212 mod for a year, and I still love it! Although, I'm not good at it. I always play a legendary campaign as the Kingdom of France, which is my favourite due to their strong cavalry. But I haven't finished it successfully. I'm poor at establishing a decent economy. Everyone wants war with me, and I'm not good at battles. I really want to be an excellent general, but I don't know how to be one.
This is my usual battle: when the battle starts, I form my archers at front. after a few arrow exchange, AI Cavs rushed into them. I try to stop them with my Spears (Pikes, Polearms, etc). But sometimes, I fail. Then enemy infantry arrives. I engage them with my Spears and other close-ranged infantry units. I kept my archers to skirmish mode, which I shouldn't. so they are at the back of my main infantry line, firing. AI has a similar formation, but they are better at using infantry than me! I usually lose my infantry fight. Meanwhile, my cavalry are clogged by enemy backlines, only to be killed by enemy spears or got shot by enemy missiles.

So I really want to improve these (1>2>3>4>5>6>7):

1. Using my cavalry exceptionally well. Priorities(for example, should I help my front line first or kill the missiles?), when to form a wedge, how to cycle charge, how to execute an excellent charge and other important information for using cavalry really well.
2. Taking fewer casualties, especially close-ranged units(cavalries, spears, swords, axes, etc)
3. Winning a front line infantry combats
4. How to stop enemy Cavalry effectively with my Spears
5. How to organise and field my units
6. Sieges and counter-siege
7. How to stabilise economy

This is my usual army comp:
2 Melee Cavs, 4 Knights, 1 Pikes, 4 Polearms, 2 Melee Infantry, 3 Shock Infantry, 3 Archers.

I usually have one and a half army, due to my weak economy. AI has a better economy than me due to a mod which makes the campaign much more difficult.
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  • VoloundisrightVoloundisright Registered Users Posts: 4
    Hey bud. I'll try to help.

    My credentials:

    Total War Attila : 524 hours
    Total War Rome 2 : 430 hours
    Total War Warhammer 2: 846 hours

    First and foremost, the AI in legendary receives more gold than you do, and has reduced upkeep for armies. This means they can afford bigger and better armies than you, and replace losses easier. In battle, the AI receives a bonus to melee attack and defense, as well as morale. This means you will lose a 1 on 1 unit melee fight 9/10 if you have the same unit experience and type. Playing at Legendary requires you to be good on the battle map, not just the campaign.

    1. Light cav should be used to chase units that are fleeing. Medium cav should be used to charge and fight missiles, or be charged into the rear of units ALREADY engaged. Heavy Cav should first defeat enemy cav to give you the advantage of maneuverability, then used to charge the rear or sides of enemy melee infantry that are stationary or already engaged. Chasing missiles with heavy cav is a huge waste, as they are slow and recover fatigue slowly.

    A wedge allows you to penetrate deeply into an enemy formation, and buffs your attack. Use it against enemy cav, or when you are confident that you can charge once and leave to cav unit in combat until the enemy routs. If you wish to cycle charge, do damage, and disengage from melee, try a thinner line of cav 3 or so deep and aim for the enemies side or rear. Do not remain for more than 15 seconds, as the damage to your own troops will increase as your charge bonus wears off. If you try to pull wedged cav out of a fight, they usually take high losses as the enemy will be on 3 sides, and the cav must pull past their soldier models to free themselves from the melee.

    The most potent part of cav is not the speed but the charge bonus. In order to receive the charge bonus you see on the unit card, it must start the charge are away from an enemy and impact unimpeded by trees, rocks, or other units. Hills and terrain will slow down a charge, and also decrease charge damage. Charging a unit from 6 unit lengths or so apart will ALWAYS be better than charging from 1 units length apart. Also, having 80 cav charge a thin 160 man unit at a 90 degree angle means 80 cav will only impact 15-30 men. having an 80 man cav unit charge a thin 160 man unit from 180 degrees allows you to impact 60-100 men, and will devastate the unit.

    Try to fix enemy units by hitting them with melee infantry, then take the time to circle your cav 120-180 degrees around them, than charge.

    2. Your melee infantry will always take high casualties in melee combat. Prevent this by supporting them with other unit types. Polearms have terrible defense, so overlapping a polearm and spear unit will allow you to increase the kills on the polearms, while the shields of the spears decrease polearm casualties from missiles and the higher melee defense is better against enemies that break the polearms reach advantage. Using cav and missile effectively will also increase damage to the enemy, meaning your infantry win their combat sooner with fewer losses.

    3. At legendary, if you have similar units you will lose every straight line fight. Try investing in cheaper infantry and more expense cav, and using missiles better. Find parts of the enemy line that have bunched up, and shoot missiles from behind your left flank at an angle into the right, and vice versa. shooting missiles from behind your lines straight ahead will be blocked and not very effective. Overlapping sword/spear units with pikes and polearms is also highly effective.

    4. Spears are only good at fighting cav when the spears are not moving and they are charged from the front, or when the cav has been fighting for so long that the charge bonus has worn off. Try having a cav unit and a spear unit together and use your cav to charge the enemy cav. Once they are engaged, send your spears in to trap them and finish them off. Alternately, Always rotate your spears so that their front is facing the enemy, and when the enemy cav chargers, immediately rotate other infantry or cav to hit the enemy cav from the sides or rear. If left to cycle charge, enemy cav will almost always beat spears.

    5. Fighting on the side of a hill is best, as their are hidden modifiers for being at higher elevation that your enemy. If you let the enemy fight you on the top of the hill you will be equal, but 3/4 or so up the slope your melee stats get a hidden bonus.

    Cav tends tot work better in groups, so instead of having 3 cav on the right and 3 on the left, try 4 or 5 on the same side and dominate the enemy cav on that side, reform your cav, and cycle charge that side. Wrap up the enemy line from one direction and not all at once.

    Fighting in trees decrease the stats of Cav and Elephants, as well as breaks up charges. try to lure enemy cav into trees if they are superior to yours.

    Crossbows are TERRIBLE at skirmishing. they fire slowly, and at low angles. They will frequently be blocked if trying to shoot too close or over your own men. Crossbows should always shoot at enemy knights or cavalry. Bows are much better at skirmishing, but are better used at shooting into melee fights from the side to change the outcome. Also, keep in mind that 1 archer shooting into a melee fight effectively from the side might take a minute to kill 15 men. That may or may not change the outcome. 2 archers could kill 30 or more men, which would definitely change the outcome of the fight. FOCUS FIRE on one enemy unit at a time.

    6. Siege: If you have no catapults, wait 2 or 3 turns. When you attack the city you will notice that 1 or the enemy gates will have the towers by it already destroyed before the battle begins. Attack this side first. Have any unit with a shield man the battering ram, and have 4-6 archer units in loose formation devastate enemy melee infantry. Ignore the enemy archers and cav. Only when the gate is broken and enemy infantry units are reduced by 15-40 men each should you advance 4 siege towers and attack through the gate. If you put 2 towers to the side of the gate moderately close together, you will notice the enemy will bunch up around them. have your archers use their remaining ammo to hit the enemy blobs from angles at the side while they are engaged with your infantry an they will soon lose men and morale.

    Counter-Siege: Focus you archers on hitting the side of enemy infantry. Ignore their ranged units or cav unless you have no other targets. You can give up with walls once the siege towers arrive, and use 1 or 2 melee units to block 4 or 5 enemy units at a choke point, than kill them with javelins, crossbows, or bows from farther back or behind buildings so the enemy cannot get to them. You can also have some cav sally out of a gate you control to pick off lone infantry units, or clean up enemy archers and kill their general once his infantry is committed inside your walls.

    Also, note that fighting takes up fatigue when if the soldiers don't actually swing their swords. Have 1 unit engaged in a breach versus 3 enemy units and all 4 will become very tired or exhausted. when your 1 unit is about to break, send in a fresh unit so that 1 fresh unit is fighting 2 or 3 exhausted units, and you will notice that your second unit will kill many more man that he should. Fighting like this will wear the AI down.

    7. Try to decrease expenditures by having cheap infantry and archers, 2-4 expensive cav. This can save you a lot of money if your armies can win this way. Avoid silver mines and churches and such until the late game. the 1%, 2% etc. corruption will kill your economy even if you only have a few of those across your small empire. Focus on high public order and food. This allows you to build into more slots very quickly, and high public order means +16% or so in taxes, which is better than 5% commerce income -1% corruption from silver mines. The benefits of the yellow building give you enough public order that you do not need churches, and can save 400 gold per church this way. Special religious units are too expensive, and a -3% or -6%% to taxes is ridiculous when you can get the same amount of public order from a yellow building that generates money as well.

    Find the synergy between green, yellow, and blue buildings to give you positive food, public order, and sanitation before you worry about religion or red military buildings. Those are for when your economy is established.

    I play as the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and England. Not so much the French. But try to secure the south and east with trade and non-aggression pacts, and focus you 1 & 1/2 stacks together to take, or retake the east and norther parts of France from the English 1 city at a time. Siege in the spring, and attack in the winter to overwhelm moderate garrisons before you take attrition. Avoid larger garrisons until you have 2 full stacks, and make sure the second stack is encamped to get bonuses and not take attrition.

    Let me know if you want screenshots of how provinces should be built or armies formed up.

    Bonne chance, mon frère.
  • LucisdLucisd Registered Users Posts: 1
    Some screenshots of your provinces would be greatly appreciated, please post some!
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