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Interface BUG - I can't click on certain places.

zackyshzackysh Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello. I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.
I have experieced this issue since the first day along 6 hours I've tried to play. Today is my last try before I solve this problem. Here it is:
(campagin BUG)

"sometimes" == 30-120 minutes playing. It happens no matter what I do.

1. I can't click on any army "sometimes". But when it happens it rarely gets fixed and I have to restart the game.
- I understand about interface development and I think something overlap (inside the game) and disable several areas of the interface -
2. This issue doesn't affects only armys. During diplomacy "sometimes" you can`t even press "unique trade" and nearby buttons.

The game is up to date, and it's a shame because I can't play for as long as I want.


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