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Wellington: Total War?

Brass59Brass59 Registered Users Posts: 1
I really miss the good old days of Total War and recently none of these Total War games of been fun for me. Really the last time I enjoyed a Total War game was Napoleon: Total War. I spent countless hours playing the campaign for several years and once I downloaded Darthmod for it. I was sucked in even more. Although I do know that Napoleon: Total War wasn't a perfect game by itself, it was clunky at times, laggy in multiplayer, units would get stuck in buildings or in the forts running through a breach or gate. But there was something so special seeing the lines of infantry fire by rank, seeing the cavalry playing a game of poking and prodding until either the player likes his advantage or the AI full sends it into the line of infantry at the end of the line. Seeing the Grand Battery for France fire cannon by cannon (Darthmod). I hope that the people back in the office try to recreate the magic that Napoleon Total War had for me. What I am suggesting is Wellington: Total War.

This so called sequel of Napoleon would have a pretty close campaign to Napoleon but it would follow Arthur Wellesley from his first battles in India, to the Iberian Peninsula right until his battle against Napoleon himself at Waterloo. Get rid of heroes and have your men win the battles again. Put back strategy back into the Total War games, have players pick their battles, pick their land and cover. Get rid of the spamming, get rid of the "Generals/Heroes" that can influence every battle. I just miss the good old days of Total War.
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