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A summary of issues in recent campaign.

NanoNarseNanoNarse Registered Users Posts: 7
Build: 1.6.0


- Playing as Sun Ce, my partner lost ~40 Reckless Luck in a single turn (around turn 15).
- Playing as Cao Cao, I got the Tiger Fool event and a clone Xu Chu joined my court.
- Xun Yu's Stifling Deluge ability isn't active in battles.
- Multiple crash-to-desktop when clicking the victory button at the end of siege battles. This persisted throughout the campaign.
- Lu Bu's betrayal of Liu Bei event didn't occur and he's now appearing in recruitment pools.
- Unsure if a bug, but the terrain in Pengcheng's siege was incredibly wonky. Very sharp drop in the terrain where the city is, effectively placing it in a ditch. Haven't seen that before.

Attaching the recent auto-save (it is all we have, unfortunately) and the quicksave before the Pengcheng siege (cannot provide a replay save because of the crash issue).
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