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The Empire's gold is broken

TotalWarPapiTotalWarPapi Registered Users Posts: 2
I have 11 armies at at 70% army upkeep and 47,140 upkeep in gold for my armies.

I build 1 more army, which it states the upkeep for my next General will cost me 5124 gold.

My income is at 19,213 gold. My upkeep for my armies is 67,343 gold. My gold per turn is 86,556.

I buy 1 General, 1. That states it'll cost me upkeep of 5124 gold.

I Have 19,213 income, that drops to 8026 after I buy the General.

It states if I buy a general, it'll raise my upkeep by 7%.

7% of 67,343 gold is 4714. The General upkeep cost is 383. 4714 + 383 = 5,097. So their math is off by 27 gold, but that isn't the issue.

The issue is there is 6,063 upkeep just flying away into the air with literally no explanation as to why. I'm not buying any army, I'm not doing anything I just buy the general and lose 11,187 upkeep for buying 1 general that should cost me 5,097.

Someone help man I'm sick and tired of the glitches on this game it's been out since 2017 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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