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Updating someone else's mod.

JaxtonBaxJaxtonBax Registered Users Posts: 1
Now the title may seem concerning as plagiarism can be involved, but I have come to this forum to both ask for advice and guidance.

To put things simply, I want to update a mod for Total War Attila made by someone else so that the community and I can enjoy it once again. However, the creator is never online and many people have been making requests for this mod to be updated for quite some time. I've been thinking about updating the mod and putting it back up onto the workshop. I do not under any circumstance want to take credit for his work nor is that my intention. I only want it to work for the current version of this game so the community can play it again. Despite this, I have no modding experience when it comes to using things like PFM. This leaves me with some questions.

Do I contact the modder? Would it be acceptable if I updated and re-uploaded the mod giving the creator full credit? Is there a way to update it myself if I am allowed? Are there any options I can explore? Are there tutorials for modding this game?

Again, I do not wish to take any credit away from the creator. I simple want to update it for the community as well as myself. If I am able to re-upload the mod, I will of course give the creator full credit for their work.

Any advice or guidance is very much appreciated.


  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 20,123
    edited September 10
    You will have to contact the Mod owner if you work it for anyone but yourself.

    Thread closed.
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