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PATCH 1.1.0 Envoy bonuses bugs.

stinky_beaverstinky_beaver Registered Users Posts: 27
Since 1.1.0 the skill bonuses are visible on agent's details, and a couple of them apply to too many areas.

Army recruitments cost reductions as written:
-5% Recruiter (upon successful action on own settlement)
-5% Accountant (upon successful action on own settlement)
-5% Instructor (in local province while standing idle)

They all apply both to the Own Settlement action and to Standing Passive for up to 30% reduction (I have tested it).

Similary Experienced Tactician should work only for embedded armies, but also works for Standing Passive.

The skills either don't work as intended or the descriptions are false.


  • stinky_beaverstinky_beaver Registered Users Posts: 27
    edited September 10
    Additionaly by stacking 3 Envoys with 15% passive recruitment cost reduction in one province we can have:
    45% passive
    15% envoy action on settlement
    10% from commandment
    8% from Food Storehouse
    7% from Hera's respected favour tier
    6% from settlement happiness
    5% from Warmonger or Vanquisher wifh Famous Hero (additional 7% for missile or two-handed with tier 2)

    96% total for all units (free missiles and two-handed)

    Which simply put is ridiculous :smiley:
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