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Add buyable abilities for regular units

Think about it...heroes and lords already have them. Why not take it a step further and allow unit types to do them also?

This can honestly solve the problem with banners, musician, Chaos Marks, etc.

You want a specific unit of Empire Knights to have the banner which gives you strider? Buy it!

You want a specific Chaos Warrior to have the Mark of Khorne for Frenzy ability? Buy it!

They need to allow the ability to save a certain unit loadout so that, in a pitch, we have a pre-built unit which the associated abilities already attached.

This would add a WHOLE new dimension to this game and I can see no real downside to this other than implement a much needed feature.

"Burn! Burn with the fires of Change! Scream your hymns to Tzeentch!"
-Tal'gatha the Fallen


  • yolordmcswag#6132yolordmcswag#6132 Registered Users Posts: 4,327
    Greenskins already got this to a certain extent. However, with things like banners, marks, or knightly orders a lot of people want visual changes aswell. In fact, the visual aspect is often more important than the gameplay one I believe.
  • Red_Dox#2328Red_Dox#2328 Registered Users Posts: 7,318
    Magical Banners are rare and usually you were limited to one of a kind for a TT army, and could not stack the same banner multiple times. The TWW approach here with having the Banners tied to the Army Lord, and then handed to which follower of that army should become it, is already a very good solution from CA.

    If talking banners, the general problem seen is no visual banners on most units like in TT when having a generic banner bearer. But that is a entire different problem and your magic banner solution would help it not one bit.
    Same again for Musicians. Having a upgrade for it would be fine, but actually where the muscian was important for TT, in TWW he would play not that much of a role. Every unit has already fix stats regarding Morale and how it is depleted. ther eis no "make a morale check with two d6 to see if they stand" where the musician would help out to reroll a failed test. While a visual musician in a regeiment, like a banner,

    would be more pleasing, TWW gameplay wise we have no actual hole to fill here.

    Chaos Marks are a topic on it's own. And since we don't even know how CA will tackle the god dedicated stuff, it is hard to say what is best.
    Yes, for WoC or Beastmen a system similar to greenskin upgrades would make sense. Everyone could easily mark whatever he wants. The other side of that coin is that visual changes might fall under the table and we are sticking to the generic Chaos looks.Many people rather want visually changed regiments if marked and it is easy to see the allure of that. Making every regiment god marked four times of course would blew up the roster a lot, which might be bad for research/building trees. So we would be back to a rather easy solution, like the greenskin upgrade.
    Daemons of Chaos do not need marks as a special mechanic, for them they should be included in whatever daemon is named. The vast majority is tied to a god, but yes, we have also Soulgrinder, Furies and Daemon Princes as Undivided which could get marked. So rather doing 4x marked versions of them proper (including visual style) or a upgrade mark system for three units total in the whole race? Time will tell.

    ------Red Dox
  • Uagrim#4644Uagrim#4644 Registered Users Posts: 2,148
    I don't think every faction should have it.

    But some should like chaos with the marks and dwarf with the runes.
  • DwarfSizedBeardDwarfSizedBeard Registered Users Posts: 936
    Uagrim said:

    I don't think every faction should have it.

    But some should like chaos with the marks and dwarf with the runes.

    I think that's the wrong way to look at it, certainly those should come, but imagine if we got something like this for skavem weapons teams, not making them better, God no, but abylity you take to give them malfunctiona to make them cheaper, like a slower fire rate, lower range, or less accuracy
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