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WD article: Cult of Slaanesh

Red_Dox#2328Red_Dox#2328 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 6,474
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In 6th edition, GW made a summer campaign which covered the Endtimes, Archaons big invasion south.

This event [which got retconned mid 7th edition, and partly got retold with "The (horrible) Endtimes" in 8th] brought not only a more or less fun story to the table, but also several special armylists for certain factions. And here is one of them.

Source: WD#293

Source: WD#294

So as we see we have the basic Slaanesh Daemon choices available. A Keeper of Secrets, Daemonettes on foot or mounted on Seekers, and Fiends through the "Chaos Spawn" upgrade of that time. Since that was two editions ago, we probably could integrate certain upgrades from later DoC editions, like Seeker Chariots and maybe Heralds, to inflate the options for Daemon stuff. Same goes for the WoC parts, where for example we could add the Hellstriders.

Storm of Chaos Timeline
2521 IC
  • Naggaroth/Dark Elves: Morathi reaffirms her ancient pact with Slaanesh. Seeking power and a way to dominate the Druchii nation of Naggaroth, Morathi - The Hag Queen, travels far to the north accompanied by many of her favoured Sorceresses. They use Dark Pegasus to travel far north into the lands of Hung marauders. In the Chaos Wastes, Morathi reaffirms her ancient pact with Slaanesh, and with the power of her Daemonic patron, takes over a tribe of marauders known as the Hung. Morathi summons sixty troupes of six Daemonettes and makes them attack the Hung tribe's main Kurgan rivals. Hung believe that Morathi is the chosen of Slaanesh. She becomes known as the Consort-Queen of Shaarnor (name the Hung use from Slaanesh). Morathi takes her new force south towards Lustria, to seek ancient artifacts of power from the temples of the Old Ones. The Hung are lead by warlord Vashnaar the Tormentor.
2522 IC
  • 26th Pflugzeit (3rd month)
    Lustria: Army of Vashnaar the Tormentor, riding a Black Dragon, crosses the Serpent's Tongue River. Hexoatl's Master of Skies, a Skink Chief leader Tiktaq'to sights the invaders and rides his Terradon to warn the Temple-City of Hexoatl. He soon sends his fastest riders to find the Slann Lord Maxdamundi and to bring back reinforcements. Also he prepares the city's defences and starts three days of of hit and run attacks against the closing Chaos horde.
  • 29th Pflugzeit (3rd month)
    Lustria: Hexoatl's Master of Skies, Tiktaq'to, lures the vanguard of the Chaos army, some five hundred Marauder horsemen, into the Bloodleech swamps where they are cut down in carefully prepared ambushes and their advance blocked by two-scores of powerful Kroxigor.
  • 32nd Pflugzeit (3rd month)
    Lustria: Siege of Hexoatl starts. Vashnaar the Tormentor arrives at the gates of the temple-city of Hexoatl. Vashnaar has brought the Hellcannos of Chaos. Hexoatl's Master of Skies, Tiktaq'to, directs his Terradons against the lumbering Chaos war machines. They rain boulders upon the daemonic artillery, shattering the iron frames of every one of the twisted machines.
  • 18th Sigmarzeit (4th month)
    Lustria: This is 20th day of the Siege of Hexoatl.
  • 28th Sigmarzeit (4th month) [Day 6]
    Lustria: In the dank jungles of Lustria, the Dark Elves and their barbaric Hung allies have pushed south past Tlaxtlan, fighting running battles with Skink ambushers, mighty reptilian beasts and the jungle itself. The Slann are rousing themselves to this latest intrusion slowly – until then, every temple looted and shrine desecrated aids the Dark Elves' cause.
  • 4th Sommerzeit (5th month) [Day 15]
    Lustria: In the jungles of Lustria Morathi's allied marauders (Hung) have made a great incursion towards the ruins of Xhotl, whilst her Slaaneshi cultists remain embattled in the outlying temples of Tlanxla. In the pools beneath the mighty edifices of the Slann, new spawnings of stronger, deadlier Saurus warriors are emerging.
  • 5th Sommerzeit (5th month) [Day 16]
    Lustria: This is 40th day of the Siege of Hexoatl.
  • 8th Sommerzeit (5th month) [Day 19]
    Lustria: The Slann have stirred from their contemplation as brutal marauders and pale-skinned Druchii sack the ruins of the temples surrounding Tlanxla and Quetza. Disturbed from their efforts by these distractions, the Realm of Chaos has grown further, and occurrences of Daemonic intrusions are increasing.
  • 14th Sommerzeit (5th month) [Day 25]
    Lustria: In the amongst the mangroves and swamps of Lustria, the Khaine-worshippers of Morathi are beginning to feel the debilitating effect of the Lizardmen's realm. Attacks by Skink scouts and now a more coherent defense by columns of Saurus warriors have stopped the Druchii just northeast of Quezta. Also Hag Queen's barbaric allies, the Hung, suffer losses to disease, predators and the Lizardmen attacks.
  • 21st Sommerzeit (5th month) [Day 32; Battle of Unterguard Bridge 7th Day]
    Lustria: A counter-attack against the Khaine-worshippers of Morathi is been stemmed, as her Dark Elf warriors held ground and await the armies of the Lizardmen. Having weathered this assault, they are once more advancing on the temple cities of Lustria.
  • 25th Sommerzeit (5th month) [Day 36]
    Lustria: This is 60th day of the Siege of Hexoatl.
  • 28th Sommerzeit (5th month) [Day 39]
    Lustria: 63rd day of the Siege of Hexoatl. As the sun rises above the treeline, a blood-chilling, saurian roar penetrates the mist-wreathed jungles. The servants of Chaos rise from their camp. Then the earth shooks and there is a second roar in the morning air. Ancient Scar-Leader Kroq-Gar of Xhotl returns with a mighty Carnosaur and with his mighty host of Saurus Cold One cavalry. With Kroq-Gar is also Slann Lord Mazdamundi riding a mighty Stegadon. Defenders of Hexoatl join the fight. Chaos forces gather with Vashnaar and his Dragon and the battle is largest the Lizardmen have fought in a thousand years. Kroq-gar and Vashnaar finally meet and become locked in battle. As dusk comes Vashnaar the Tormentor's severed head hung from Kroq-Gar's saddle as a grim trophy and the Marauders are destroyed. The Siege of Hexoatl ends.
  • 32nd Sommerzeit (5th month) [Day 43]
    Lustria: The settlement of Port Reaver is visited by emissaries of the Slann. Hooded and cloaked, the messengers of the temple-cities bring gold and gems in an attempt to hire mercenaries to intercept Marauder longships that are now approaching the east coast, and the poorly defended shoreline near the ruins of Xahutec.
  • 4th Vorgeheim (6th month) [Day 49; Siege of Middenheim 3rd Day]
    Lustria: Across the Great Ocean, the war of the temples of the Old Ones has moved back and forth as the Mage-Priests awaken from their slumbers to turn their might against the raiding Dark Elves and their Hung allies. Mercenaries from Port Reaver have also aided the fight in return for Lizardmen gold, and the Saurus armies of Hexoatl have crushed a large force of Morathi's Devotees of Slaanesh near the Macu Peaks, and now threaten to cut off the Dark Elves' route back to Naggaroth.
  • 10th Vorgeheim (6th month) [Day 55; Siege of Middenheim 9th Day]
    Lustria: Though a few smaller temples have given up their prizes to Morathi's Cult of Slaanesh, the great temple-cities have held back the Dark Elves' attacks. With armies from Hexoatl now controlling the northern jungles of Lustria, and fearing that her warriors may become surrounded, Morathi has ordered her generals to the western coast where the Black Arks "Tower of Bloodied Enlightenment" and "Palace of Defilement" await the cultists. Small bands of Dark Elves escape to the north, some of them carrying chests of gold and gems, but few of the sacred artifacts of the Old Ones. The Slann, relieved of the burden of protecting these incalculably important heirlooms, can now once more turn their minds to the fallen gateway in the north and the flood of raw Chaos that is polluting the world. This ends the Dark Elf invasion to Lustria.

Source: WD#296

So, what does that mean for TWW?

7th armybook Dark Elves

WFRP - Tome of Corruption

Morathis faction name is already pretty close, spot on or could just be fitting to her past depending, of your point of view. Morathi spreads Chaos corruption ingame, which again could be a tease for things to come or just be a loreful byproduct of her tinkering to much with Chaos/Dark Magic.
In the current state of game#2, we can not expect a full blown Cult of Slaanesh addition. As with the needed Chaos reworks for WoC, Beastmen & Norsca, first game#3 has to be released and Daemons of Chaos have to go live and bring their Slaanesh Daemons as well as god dedicated mounts, god specific magic lores and CA has to implement a rather generic system for marks of chaos that could be applied then for every race/faction concerned.
But when game#3 and Daemons will be unleashed, it would not be impossible for Morathi to go full Dark Pact again. At the very least I would expect modders to pick that up then if CA decides to not go there (but imo it would be a wasted opportunity for CA to not overhaul Morathi).

And while I am all for Cult of Slaanesh, I would still hope that there would be some limitations on how much actual Chaos could be stuffed in. Playing Morathi would imo still mean the main parts of your armies should rather be Dark Elf centered. So maybe the TK limitation system would once more be handy to have around.


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-----Red Dox
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  • yolordmcswag#6132yolordmcswag#6132 Registered Users Posts: 4,259
    I prefer the later retcons where the cults of pleasure were dedicated mainly to the Cytherai. Morathi balances favour with many gods, but she does not serve anyone beyond herself. I also think the chaos corruption from her faction should be removed.
  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 14,927
    edited September 2020
    So this is basis for Slaanesh monogod faction, yes?

    But, ok, I actually don't think this should happen as a straight up addition into DE. At least with Morathi the chaos corruption is kept hidden away, in the background rather than promptly displayed in the armies and so on. It at least makes her appear..."virtuous" by DE standards but I wouldn't go further than that. I would rather have this as a basis from which to give some DE stuff to Slaaneshi LLs(and the Annointed in particular as a neat concept for Slaaneshi lords) rather than have Morathi as the really odd one out of the bunch, when she is the mother of all Druchii. Put Dechala in command and it feels more natural.
    Furthermore, I consider that Daemon Prince must be removed.
  • MrDragon#2461MrDragon#2461 Registered Users Posts: 3,545

    I prefer the later retcons where the cults of pleasure were dedicated mainly to the Cytherai. Morathi balances favour with many gods, but she does not serve anyone beyond herself. I also think the chaos corruption from her faction should be removed.

    As much as I recently had fun with a Cult of Pleasure campaign I wrapped up two days ago...
    I'm very much in favour of this. The Chaos Corruption just didn't feel right for her.
    I also prefer the later retcons and this draws her in line with modern lore.... for all it faults. So it would just be consistent.

    Course if they rework the Cult of Pleasure in game 3 for an actual hybrid army list with maybe some unique kitbashes for Dark Elf seekers and such... that'd be cool with me too.

    Just as it stands right now, it feels off.
  • Ariel#4992Ariel#4992 Registered Users Posts: 2,373
    I hope to see these additions to Morathi’s faction when game three releases. She was never affraid to make dealings with daemons and even in Sundering where Cytherai were a thing, she still used them to ensure “her” goals. In Tyrion & Teclis’s trilogy, she leads an army of Hung (probably Mung) and makes a landing in Cothique (IIRC) where she lets them run rampant while she sleeps with their chieftain. She is connected to chaos and makes use of them, so let’s hope we will see that traslate into the game before all is set and done. Nice thread as always Red Dox, you never fail to bring interesting threads.

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    Then she placed the rest of Orion's ashes into the bowl and turned to face the Oak of Ages.
    I used to go by many names here. Crazycrix, Dubinekdubajs, Yrellian and finally Ariel, one of my favourite characters in the setting. Still waiting for Finubar and Naieth!
  • 1v0#35621v0#3562 Registered Users Posts: 2,331
    edited September 2020
    I like this and agree with you.

    I have aways seen the dark elfs = chaos corrupted high elfs , It just makes the most sense/logic they turned evil and spiky from noble prideful elfs that hate chaos - to harem(debauchery) pale skined dark/white haired elfs slavers and torturers that make deals with chaos = it's pure chaos corruption . That can't just happen because they follow Malakith , it's chaos corruption.

    The corruption of the elfs (by chaos) was part of their plan - when Morathi first appeared , The Sundering . not to mention the many simmilaritys between khorne and khaine (**** its just khorne remove or and add ai it's just 2 letter difference). Just see horus heresy for the scale of chaos gods plans :D (oh and they don't want to destroy the world(because that will make them powerless and starve them), they just want endless conflict)

    And for those that don't agree with me - even if they are not full on chaos followers they do deals with chaos and their followers , they do feed and empower the chaos gods in one way or another.

    1.Even the logo of the dark elfs (naggarond) the hand holding a moon is similar to the slaanesh emblem.
    2.They are spiky
    3.There are many ocasions where Malekith or other dark elfs use or make deals with daemons/followers of chaos or even "ally" with them.
    4.Malakith uses daemons of chaos many times to attack the high elfs...
    5.Even talking to a daemon of chaos can corrupt you, and they deal with the really often.

    I think DE having more dealing(units/ally/trade :D (slaves)) with chaos factions will be a great addition, because that will give them/make them be more, not just evil high elfs

    I only Play Morathi (because I'm a heretic and i prefer the old lore). I like the chaos corruption but only that corruption is nothing it needs more, I want more to it - give her some real chaos stuff not just the corruption. Make it feel like real chaos corrupted faction.
    I confederate all of the elfs (even get all best from Malus he gets deamon form without the drawbacks :D).

    I also want Morathi to be able to join/ally chaos(I have made a topic about this some time ago, Morathi and the skaven should be able to join/ally with chaos it just makes sense).

    Also the banners in all those units models in your post made me almost cry ... I want them in TW:WH too.

    Lastly oh end times so turns out Malekith is the true phoenix king of all elfs yea the guy that almost sunk Ulthuan ( also the dark elfs started the war high elfs vs dwarfs) is the true king of all elfs .... I don't even want to say more or this will be an even longer wall of text. All of that makes no sense lore wise its .... no comment.
    Question:Presumably you’ve needed to create a huge number of new Daemon units to properly flesh them out and give them their own armies?
    Answer:IR: What you’ve just said is so true,
  • makar55makar55 Registered Users Posts: 2,955
    As far as there is no naked **** it's not cult of Slaanesh, but some circus.
  • zinsncabs#3032zinsncabs#3032 Registered Users Posts: 961
    I like Morathi’s faction having the taint of Chaos. I’m hoping that once TWW3 is released and further fleshed out that her faction will get limited access to Slaaneshi units, but like @Red_Dox , I think she should remain a Dark Elf faction at her core.

    Nice thread as always @Red_Dox !
  • Kyrel#2976Kyrel#2976 Registered Users Posts: 98
    I was always a fan of the Cult of Pleasure/Slaanesh army, and I would love to see an implementation of it in TWW2 and/or 3. The one issue I had with the army list from the Storm of Chaos event, is that you could essentially field an army that looked more like a Chaos army than a Dark Elf army. For this reason I'd prefer to have a limit on the amount of Chaos troops (especially Chaos Warriors and Knights, but also Marauders to an extend) that could be fielded in an army.
  • xBlood_Raven#5120xBlood_Raven#5120 Registered Users Posts: 966
    I'm expecting to see this when DOC are released and then with further expansion through Slaanesh Monogods. There are two unique units in the Cult of Slaanesh/Pleasure list which are Druchii Anointed (Lord option) and Devoted of Slaanesh (Slaanesh Witch Elves basically).

    Morathi should effectively start as she is but be allowed to turn her faction to Slaanesh through campaign upgrades.
  • ErminazErminaz Senior Member USARegistered Users Posts: 5,909
    My current view is that Morathi in Warhammer 3 should be altered as a unique Dark Elf faction to be reflective of the 6th edition's Cult of Pleasure with all the Slanneshi additions. In the past I argued against her having Chaos corruption but over the years I've changed my stance, I really do prefer to have her be more directly tied to chaos even if she kept it on the down low unless shower her true self was needed for her and her son's benefit.
    Tacitus Quotes:
    Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.
    They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace.

    Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
    The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.

    I found Rome a city of filth covered marble and left it a pile of rubble. - Me
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416
    I despise Chaos Elves with a passion but you did a really good job showcasing all their stuff OP :)
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416

    What made you change your mind? because Morathi is one of my favourite LL's but I never use her due to her corruption and I hate Chaos Elves.
  • Surge_2#1464Surge_2#1464 Registered Users Posts: 11,864
    Fond memories of this time period. I would expect to see this as an option for game 3.

  • ErminazErminaz Senior Member USARegistered Users Posts: 5,909

    I'll begin by explaining my initial, shallow, resistance to her having chaos corruption when Warhammer 2 Total War was coming out. It quite simply had to do with with my surface knowledge of the history of the Warhammer Fantasy game, games-workshop's 8th edition attempt at divorcing her from her connection to Slaanesh, and from the fact that they were using 8th edition as their primary source.

    Years ago I hadn't really put much indepth thought into the Warhammer Fantasy World. I had read the army books for several of the editions (6th - 8th), I had read some of the novels over the years I had, interacted with the Warhammer Fantasy setting, but I didn't really delve deeply into thinking about the world in general. For me, prior to more recent years, it was just a fantasy setting to enjoy adventures through books, video games, and tabletop gaming but not to the extent that I really paid close attention to the setting.

    While I've never really been opposed to the Chaos aspect of the Warhammer Fantasy World, to me they were just one face of evil within that setting, I never really thought outside of how it affects the game mechanics, how it interplays loosely with the various characters in the novels I have read, and finally the over the top aspects of Warhammer Fantasy never really had me look at it seriously at the time.

    That, however, has changed in more recent years. I have gone out of my way to find older editions, I like to actually see how things evolve over time. I have gotten a hold of many old White Dwarfs, I have even obtained ones that even predate Games-workshop creating Warhammer. I have most of the campaigns and army books from all the editions, and of course I have read more novels, rereading ones I had read in the past but didn't think to much on at the time. All of this done with an attempt to see and explain what I might have missed or what elements that have changed over the years that I don't personally agree with.

    As my post was getting to long I'm going to boil it down into some basic lines of reasoning as to why I have come to prefer Morathi being connected to Chaos.

    First is that Chaos is the main force that drives the races of the world, changing the very landscape around it, altering races psychologically and in other cases physically. This is a very important part of the setting in general and having the connection through Morathi shows that even the Elves are influenced by it going all the way back to when Chaos was still unrestrained across the world.

    Second is that I am of the opinion that Morathi's backstory works better with Chaos having a profound influence on her "earlier" years instead of just being a foot note leading to her meeting Aenarion. The Chaos warband that she was "saved" from would have had an impact on the rest of her life whether she was a victim or willing participant. As she has historically* had a strong connection to Slaanesh** I have always assumed that she was under the deprivation of the Prince's minions and if that is the case between the pleasures enacted on her along with the affects of their magic it would have had a lasting impression on her. The allure of those pleasures would have most likely continued to haunt her and whispered to her to join in them once again***. Even if she were to try and sate those desires with the new gods introduced in later editions I don't think that they would have matched what she experience at the hands of Daemons**** themselves.

    Third, her one sided love, being denied the one thing she craved more than anything else, would have driven her to seek power and knowledge that could very well have taken her down a path that she might have normally stayed clear of and reviled from her previous experience. Part of this would be her creation of Dark Magic but her desperation would have driven her to delve deeper into the forbidden avenues of magic to find anything she could to obtain her goal.

    Fourth, she would do anything for her son. Whether that meant destroying the world if he can't rule it, or selling herself and others to Chaos for power, knowledge, and or pacts. Restricting herself to non-chaos powers just feels limiting for her and her early story as I view it. That doesn't mean that her use of Chaos wouldn't interplay with the new gods, disguising activities as other rituals and such, just that she doesn't come off as someone who wouldn't seek to use Chaos or be used by it if it allowed for her to obtain her goal.

    I hope that it is understandable and conveys my reasoning well enough. I tried my best to make it a much shorter responds while still getting my reasoning across as it was turning into a very long post that would have most likely had to be divided into multiple posts to be put up in its entirety.

    *Historically as in previous editions.

    **4th edition actually allowed Morathi to take spells from the Slaanesh spell list.

    *** If she was willing she would have desired them for that reason, if she were forced it would have been a point of contention for her mentally, the desire for those pleasures while a self loathing for enjoying the deprivations that she endured.

    **** Would have been before the vortex.
    Tacitus Quotes:
    Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.
    They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace.

    Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
    The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.

    I found Rome a city of filth covered marble and left it a pile of rubble. - Me
  • griffithx#1314griffithx#1314 Registered Users Posts: 1,514

    I prefer the later retcons where the cults of pleasure were dedicated mainly to the Cytherai. Morathi balances favour with many gods, but she does not serve anyone beyond herself. I also think the chaos corruption from her faction should be removed.

    Didn't they basically redo again in age of sigmar what they originally retconned about morathi and slaneesh?
    Morathi basically tricks everyone and takes some of Slaneesh's power for herself now in age of sigmar?
    Its sorta like they retconned it and then walked down that same path again doing the same thing they retconned but in a slightly different way.
    She is now weilding the power of slaneesh for herself to make herself a god or closer to a god that is powered by the power of chaos but not under the control of the god where that power originated.
  • Red_Dox#2328Red_Dox#2328 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 6,474
    edited July 31
    For the record:

    Things are shaping up. Who knows what might happen after DE get a new DLC and a real rework ;)

    While flipping through an old Warhammer cardgame centered around Storm of Chaos today, this lady here stuck out.

    Clearly an Elf, and in bed with Slaanesh. But I have no clue if "Chaos" or "Dark Elves". Since Chaos/DE/Greenskins are just lumped into the "Destruction" category. And I have no plan how that game worked anyway, never really interested in TCGs.

    I also saw a lot of Darkelf or Chaos-Slaanesh relevant cards, but nothing that peeked my interest for a possible Morathi Pleasure Cult connection. Cardgames (yes, this is the older one, there was a newer one too from FFG) do usually make up "named heroes" for cards. That means we can find random "unknown" names for most races that way. So Anelia here, might be just a random throw away card with no actual lore background. At least I found nothing so far that points to her playing some role anywhere lore wise.

    Which means we can either completely forget about her, or, CA could pull a "Alberic" for her. As a potential LH for Morathi, or maybe a LH for Dechala or even a LL for Slaanesh race itself the chances look slim, but sometimes CA works in ghorstly ways.

    -----Red Dox
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  • BC2020#8138BC2020#8138 Registered Users Posts: 60
    I used to love running a Cult of Slaanesh list back in 7th. It saved DE from being totally useless back then.
  • sykall#1105sykall#1105 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,002
    The settlement of Port Reaver is visited by emissaries of the Slann. Hooded and cloaked, the messengers of the temple-cities bring gold and gems in an attempt to hire mercenaries to intercept Marauder longships that are now approaching the east coast, and the poorly defended shoreline near the ruins of Xahutec.

    I like this attempt of Lizardmen diplomacy. Though I ask myself who these emissaries where and why they had to cloal themselves. I mean a skink with a closk still looks nothing like a human. :smiley:

    But it would be a cute picture too.
    Filling the white spots - 7 made-up factions to enrich the empty parts of the WFB setting
  • Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 17,227

    Anelia's design could be used for the Druchii Anointed.

    As for the Devoted of Slaanesh, I think the (unfortunately) unused miniature of female Dreadlord is the answer. Just give her two-handed weapon.
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