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Requesting Siege Battle Tips

R00KIE_GUYR00KIE_GUY Registered Users Posts: 3
Hey everyone, I was hoping this community could help me out. I feel I'm a pretty experienced Rome 2 player. However, one of my struggles is my initial attacks on walls in siege battles. Once I get in, I'm fine. But I feel like I lose too many soldiers in my initial attack and was hoping for some tips. I have a tendency to play by myself with a larger army (about 27 units is my usual army comp) against multiple smaller armies that outnumber me in the end about 2:1, and yes it is against players. Basically, if you can give me tips on what type of units should be in my initial attack, where are some ideas of what I should attack (like what interior designs should I keep in mind and how should I flank), etc. Basically will accept any help I can get.
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