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What to do vs Empire in MP

REM_i_amREM_i_am Registered Users Posts: 18
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What are the best races / builds vs the Empire in MP? Note that I only have the core game so only core units and races please, nothing from DLCs.

So far I had around 70% or so winrate in MP as HE which I was quite happy with given that I dont have access to a single DLC lord, unit nor to the ROR units. But then Empire... is the only race that I seem to not be able to do anything against. Would be great to hear what does well against Empire. Typically, Dragon Princes and Imrik on Star Dragon win the game for me but against Empire they get massacred like wet tissues...
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  • kasunrathnatungakasunrathnatunga Registered Users Posts: 5,745
    basically play dwarfs and hope that the empire player didn't practice that mu.

    and try felkons build factory,
  • kasunrathnatungakasunrathnatunga Registered Users Posts: 5,745

  • FungusHoundFungusHound Registered Users Posts: 3,067
    Dwarfs are usually considered the counter I believe but I'm not too into MP anymore
  • kasunrathnatungakasunrathnatunga Registered Users Posts: 5,745

    Dwarfs are usually considered the counter I believe but I'm not too into MP anymore

    they still are, as empire you need dlc to win my opinion this mu, but as dwarf you only need core unit, the dwarf dlc is not needed.

    but if he only have wh 2 core game DE is your best bet
  • D4B0SSD4B0SS Registered Users Posts: 88
    edited September 14
    REM_i_am said:

    So far I had around 70% or so winrate in MP

    does game has ladder/leagues: Gold, Diamond Master etc/seasons/reset stats? (like SC2/WC3)

  • D4B0SSD4B0SS Registered Users Posts: 88
    just wait Warhammer Total War 3. we will see if something happened to it
  • HelhoundHelhound Registered Users Posts: 3,874
    edited September 14
    Expensive Elites are your enemy in this matchup. The Empire has the ranged firepower to knock over Martial Prowess on what few critical units you hoped would anchor. This, as well as being able to comfortably match or beat you on the cavalry front with just a cannon and a well placed halberd demigryph.

    Generally speaking, contrary to most factions you dont build to counter the Empire. You build something you hope the Empire player didnt think to counter and let him lean into what he expected. Most of the time an Empire player expects Sisters, Dragon Princes, and a singular unit of Swordmasters somewhere. That and the obligatory Dragons. They won't field much to clear chaff against HE, unless they expect Silverin Guard Spam, and they'll hope to deal with your ranged with precise ranged units of their own or overwhelming you with cavalry.

    So, much as it pains me to suggest it, the double Dragon +Teclis Phoenix set up works extremely well here. Make those your only real expensive components, something that can fly and avoid getting wrapped up, and field a ton of White Lions backed up by Archers on the ground. If you dont want to go full cheese then take Teclis off the Phoenix, but bring Teclis either way. His spell set is perfect against the Empire. Net the inevitable Demi, keep your few Dragons healed and baiting ranged fire, and mulch through caff with beast . The Empire has nothing that trades into White Lions cost effectively except a few cavalry and Greatswords. They wont bring Greatswords fearing Sisters, Swordmasters, and Dragon Princes. They'll limit the cav to manageable numbers due to HE easy access to effective spears. The Archers you bring will clear out any chaff. Also thats Archers, not LSG. LSG are a trap and will not help you, they lack the AP or mass necessary to do anything but mildly inconvenience armored cav, and are worse than Archers at range.
  • ystyst Registered Users Posts: 7,693
    Emp counters r subtle as they have all the tools u can name in their arsenal. Mirror and outplay which is what basically why the dwf ones work out so well. Other than that u would find the perfect counter for emp, theres really not any afaik, barring dwf. New welf may have a shot depending how toxic the dlc is
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  • REM_i_amREM_i_am Registered Users Posts: 18
    No there is no stats unfortunately, just what I remember from the top of my head.

    Looks like some DLC units are really needed against Empire... and by the way the reality is very different to what ppl say here like "they will not bring greatswords" - the empire players that I've seen do bring greatswords every time pretty much and that is one of my biggest problems as greatswords trade favourably against all of my non-DLC units.
  • The_real_FAUSTThe_real_FAUST Registered Users Posts: 952
    Greatswords do poorly vs:

    White lions
    Archer fire
    Cav charges

    Just kill everything else and leave them if you must. There won't be more than 3 and if there are the rest of the force will be small.

    You can send rangers into them and time it with an overcast plague of rust.

    HE have all the answers to Empire it's just selecting them and linking it to a thought out strategy. HE are in effect higher quality Empire.
  • REM_i_amREM_i_am Registered Users Posts: 18
    Rangers are a DLC unit....

    From my experience greatswords beat white lions comfortably.

    Everything without a shield is weak to archer fire... not exactly a strategy when the empire cannons kill my archers faster.

    Anyway Teclis and noble chariots seem to be a feasible option to me at the moment. Chariots go after the fire power in the back and teclis nets those pesky cav units so that I can win on the charge.

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