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  • Qwerty55Qwerty55 Registered Users Posts: 728
    Warhammer Fantasy lore is great.
  • SeanJeanquoi#3490SeanJeanquoi#3490 Registered Users Posts: 3,440
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    Dwarf Women, while rarer, tend to live longer and are generally more likely to reach Living Ancestor status, at which point they take on the moniker "Daughters of Valaya".

    It should also be noted that Kragg the Grim is the the oldest dwarf ever mentioned aside from Grombrindal, Kragg is over 1000 years old.

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  • sykall#1105sykall#1105 Registered Users Posts: 3,157
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    To be something of a ****: for the longest period in human history, brewing was more or less a pure womens job (exceptions existed as always)

    The pointy heads witches were, were originally worn by saleswomen who brewed their own bear and sold it on market days. Not to mention the cauldrons in which the beer was brewed.
    And several old marriage oaths or nursery rhymes mention, that baking and brewing within the same houshold belonged to the duties of a competent wife.
    Only in the last 300-200 years with the industrialization took men over the brewing buisness, as womens were not allowed to retain property, especally not valuable factories.

    After reading that paragraph of an appretince offering his dark ale, I somehow thought about the history of brewing. Sorry if I annoy someone with this trivial information.
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    Filling the white spots - 7 made-up factions to enrich the empty parts of the WFB setting
  • mightygloin#2446mightygloin#2446 Registered Users Posts: 6,279
    It is War of Vengeance by the way, not War of Beard. Was this text written by an elgi scholar?
  • saweendra#3399saweendra#3399 Registered Users Posts: 21,337

    It is War of Vengeance by the way, not War of Beard. Was this text written by an elgi scholar?

    wait stunities can write out side their diary?

    #givemoreunitsforbrettonia, my bret dlc

  • Sabor444#1932Sabor444#1932 Registered Users Posts: 601
    Really enjoyed this one. Thank you!
  • Timpeyo#7210Timpeyo#7210 Registered Users Posts: 2,111
    Interesting I do hope we get some female dwarfs in the future as a LL or there own unit

  • Tempus_fugit#2711Tempus_fugit#2711 Registered Users Posts: 1,410
    Dwarfs' acts being three ages, At first the infant,
    Bearded and grouchy in his nurse's mail-clad arms;
    Then the feckless, reckless youth, with his dynamite satchel
    And shining hungover face, red as a beet,
    Unwillingly to the forge. And then the Elder,
    Sighing like a furnace, grouchy as a badger,
    Pards wish they had beards like them.
    Even the cannon's mouth, cannot swear like them.
    Rancour at the ill discipline of youth;
    Gyrocopters, in my time indeed?! I need another mead.

    Tl;Dr: Bearded and bawling at birth (and grouchy). Drunk and brawling of age (and grouchy). Drunk and (even more) grouchy at last. ... Oh, and 20 cannons apiece.
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  • Tennisgolfboll#5877Tennisgolfboll#5877 Registered Users Posts: 13,813
    Doorfs doorfs doorfs
    It needs to be pointed out that what people call "cheese" is just playing the game the way it actually exists not in some fictional way they think it is supposed to work.
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