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Campaign bug - >50% movement left as skaven, not able to go into encamp stance

StephanGStephanG Registered Users Posts: 2
edited September 2020 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
On the campaign map, when having >50% movement range left as Skaven, I am not able to go into the encamp stance.

I use the movement range indicator on the left hand of the character portrait and hold the right mouse button until I am just above 50% in the wanted direction. After I release the mouse button the character moves there. The movement range left as indicated is above 50% but when I try to move into the encamp stance, that option is greyed out.

I tracked this on the in the northern dark elves regions on the vortex map but have encountered it elsewhere.

This does not happen with all armies. I have tried with a different army and it works fine there. I took a video. You can see that, when the bugged army is moving on the map, the movement range indicator on the left bottom drops below 50%. Once the character stops, jumps back up to the prognosted range. The differences I could identify between the armies were that the bugged army had the campaigner character trait, the scribe follower and moved in a region that caused attrition.

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v1.9.2 Build
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