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Hi All Usly i never post Mods

Kasumi26Kasumi26 Registered Users Posts: 48
Ok usly i just pay a friend in japan to do my Pack files for me

SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Total War THREE KINGDOMS\data

So this is a Pack file to be toss into your Data Folder

There is still a few hold to patch up ajust the troops number .. this is set at Large as well So around 17,000 Troops

But my main goal is to hit min 4 times this number .Around 70,000 plus per army

Now this pack file is for u top end gamming rigs

System Ryzen 9 3950x Max Memory If your board can handle 8 Slots then Max it out Usly i now using 16 GB Chips

I was info bye a good tech here to toss the game into Memory do not know what he mend by this an buy a very good Up System just in case power cuts

As it will run alot faster an smooth .As for video Card i been using a Nvidia Titan RTX I got this on Aliexpress
As i love Sport Bikes alot GSXR Build for speed Allso Autocad .There is a japanese store on there u can buy heaps of cool tech from

So anyhow This is my first go at this .Tooks me hasp of time .

As for the Mount i going to keep them now around 468 Units as i can now move them across the map very fast an my FPS rates do not drop to much

As for the Elephants i had to drop them down alot as thay just mow my troops down So around 130 is a good sizes for now

So ..I perfer to have pack file an Mods file just a pain as each time CA upgrade thay no longer work

I have many pack files .Some as far back as 2019 still working

I allso working on a Horse pack file over 100 Mounts I post that up ..if anyone wants it

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