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versatility on units and factions

DaarienDaarien Registered Users Posts: 14
hi again, after some time playing the game and trying being short on idea, i see 2 mechanics/ideas on The game that are very good to be on a single faction.

1 - scraps greenskins - they are an amazing adition to the game, cant do something similar to others factions!?, that give more options in army building and these aid on the "strict only 1function units", plus, these aid stop a bad thing i see i the game, like "offer" the same unit as a "new" or diferent units (silver helms and silver helms [shields]) and asur archers / archers (light armor).
a slight diference shouldnt be reason to put that unit again as if are a total diferent unit. the main example and comparison is space marines on dawn of war games, there you can upgrade a space marine squad with 4 diferents weapons, that is really great.

2 - dwarf forges - amazing option, all faction should have a system like these, not so good and powerful as the dwarfs forges, but still have an option to these "arsenal".

3 - more animations - the game is amazing, but sill have some weird atack animations on some units like the swordman empire dancing ballet ( turning while only 1 foot with arms stretched) and lizardman saurus with that weird jumping, a big and weird thing happens with the monsters, when they face each others, many still use animations as they are fighting human size squads, and thats ultra weird, i by example saw a dreadsaurian in combat with an war hydra and the animations seens very odd. so new and more size tuned animations would be very pleased to be seen.

4 - color schemes - i already have made a forum only for this before, but would be ultra nice let us edit the colors of the army, again like dawn of war games let (1 and 3 games).

ps - sorry for the bad english, isnt my native language.

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