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Iron Weapon Equipment In Troy

HistoryOfMortalsHistoryOfMortals Registered Users Posts: 21
edited September 2020 in General Discussion
I was playing the Amazons and razing some settlements, thus with the razing option, I got a spear weapon, but it is written: "Long Iron-Tipped Dory Spear" which is kinda frustrated me because literally, Troy is taking place during the Bronze Age and there were no iron weapons at all during that certain type of era. I know the game itself taking their sources like from example from the Illiad and Oddysey, but this is literally ridiculous to think that such an iron weapon does exist in that era, Although the story of Troy itself may have just been a myth rather than a historical story, but what's really the point or the essence of the iron weapon existed during that era? Anybody got some logical answers in this case?


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