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Orion Trilogy-a Collection of Intriguing Information

xBlood_Raven#5120xBlood_Raven#5120 Registered Users Posts: 983
We're all hyped for the upcoming Wood Elf dlc and so, I decided to read through the Orion trilogy and see what I could find within it (there will be numbers of 1-3 which states what book it is from-1.Vaults of Winter-2012, 2.Tears of Isha-2013, 3.Council of Beasts-2014). I will avoid spoilers and will simply focus on quotes (and other relevant information) and what they could be.

Brúidd (The Council of Beasts)-the original Lords of Athel Loren, Brúid in Irish means animal and sometimes brute or beast. Appear in one battle and so, could be a collection of spirits that a Wood Elf faction could collect to help them in battle.

1.Handmaidens of Ariel-“The Handmaidens of Ariel are female Elfish mages among the ranks of the Wood Elves. They are said to be more powerful than their male kin due to their ties to Ariel and her unique bond to Athel Loren.” Appear in the novels with healing magic and wings (one has damselfly wings). Also mentioned in 6th edition as mages. A possible elite unit for the Wood Elves or higher ranking Spellweavers.

1.Chapter 18-19 has ‘Forest Spirits’ coming out of the forest and attacking the Beastmen.-“Spring came to the shores of the Idolan, blackened by fire and hungry for revenge. As Caorann lay bleeding on his fallen kin, he laughed. Figures were bursting from the smoke in all directions: immense, inhuman goliaths and hunched, spindly wraiths, shadowy beings of thorn and bark that raced through the crimson dawn, towering over the ranks of minotaurs. Awful sounds filled the air, loud enough to be heard over the fire that was still raging through Locrimere: the harsh crack of breaking limbs and moist tearing of flesh.” The shadowy beings of thorn and bark could be another type of forest spirit as they seem quite ethereal.

1.Chapter 20 has Orion on an eagle-“For the first time in his short life, Orion felt free. The forest was gone. It had sunk beneath him in a haze of grey cloud and all that remained was the endless, blinding azure of the evening sky. Skólann’s enormous bulk was beneath him and she was no longer trembling. The giant eagle had grudgingly accepted her new rider and she was at ease once more, and revelling in the power of her enormous wings.”

1.The Vale of Fincara (Turas-Alva) (Alvaír Warriors)-“Tall, long-limbed guards hurried towards him: asrai, certainly, but clad in strange, tawny-coloured robes of feather and moss. Even stranger than their cloaks were the masks they all wore: hoods of animal hide with long snouts of carved bone, designed to resemble the beaks of eagles. The guards carried slender wooden javelins”

1.Animals can serve as Wood Elf units, especially with the Wild Hunt-“As Orion ploughed through the enemy ranks, animals were stampeding from every direction to join his charge: an army of wolves, boars and foxes was pouring from the forest and tearing into everything they encountered.”

1.Orion also has his Hounds as well.-“Grey, rangy hounds emerged from the trees, sniffing and growling as they caught the scent of his divine blood.”

1.Priests of Kurnous-These could be elite Wild Riders. 2.”On either flank of the charge were riders, mounted on pale, ghostlike steeds. Orion recognised his feral priests, with their tall, jagged masks and thin, spiralled horns.”

1.Also, Orion should be able to use his magical bow (Hawk’s Talon). It's on his model but he cannot switch weapon to use it.

2.Drycha and her Branchwraiths were the ones to contain the Nurgle Daemon Alkhor (Plague Lord and Old Blight). This seems a decent theme for a future Lord pack featuring the Wood Elves (Wood Elves vs Nurgle).

2.Coeddil is referred to as ‘The Ancient One’ (he is an Ancient Treeman during the End Times). “He was hunched in shadow at the bowl of a natural amphitheatre, surrounded by his dutiful handmaidens. They were wraiths of bark and thorn, like Drycha”. “The centuries had gradually stripped him of form, leaving little more than a mountain of shadows and a vague rustle of leaves, but the song of the forest radiated from him, flooding the amphitheatre with its silent refrain, filling Drycha with courage.”

2. Possible Nurgle unit-“The things he had mistaken for natural insects were enormous grubs, several feet wide and held aloft by spindly, whirring wings. The creatures were swooping back and forth across the garish yellow river, trailing strands of mucus from barbs that jutted from their abdomens. Some were clad in black, iron armour and others dangled long, twitching proboscises from their heads.” “Enormous, segmented grubs whirred overhead, carrying pot-bellied riders”

3.Tree Spirits wielding weapons seems to be possible-“No, Finavar realised, not trees. The tall, crooked shapes were moving and whispering to each other. Some clutched long, curved weapons in their wooden claws.” “This close, he saw how different the spirits’ faces were from the bark of trees. Their features were huge, strange and inhuman, but filled with emotion and intelligence. What he had originally taken for splits in bark, were actually runes, formed from their brittle flesh and glowing with faint light.” “They were tree-like things – forest spirits, like the dryads – but these were goliaths. Their faces looked down through the fruit trees and they batted the dryads aside like insects.”

3.Large Nurgle monster-“As weak, grey light washed over the unnaturally gaudy landscape, it revealed that, rather than an outcrop of land, the shape was a vast, spineless mollusc. Its pallid, puckered flesh glistened in the growing light and its face turned to reveal a nest of tentacles that undulated, drifting like grass caught in the breeze. It was the scale of the thing that shocked Finavar most. The monster had blocked the whole width of the valley with its bulk.”

3.Possible RoR unit-“even archers from the Night Glens – the Wraiths of Modryn, they call themselves. They certainly looked more than half-spirit to me.”

3.’wooden guardians’-Automatons made out of Wood-“The figures from the frieze had sprung to life and were approaching them from several directions at once. Their carved, wooden faces were as expressionless as ever, but they had raised twohanded swords and were moving with solemn, chilling purpose. They were clad in pauldrons and hauberks constructed of oval, metal plates. Their dead, wooden eyes looked out from beneath tall helmets, designed to resemble dragons. They made a strange sight. Some of the figures were almost fully formed, apart from a flat, featureless back or side, but others were no more than a sliver of wood, only ever designed to be seen from one angle in the original frieze. Their outlines were silhouetted against the light and they reminded Finavar of a magic lantern he had seen as a child – rows of thin, mute figures, jerking mannequin-like towards him.” “They were as wooden and expressionless as the others, but these warriors wore even more elaborate armour and they carried spears rather than swords.”

3.Snails and Slugs can be a form of monstrous infantry for Nurgle-“These smaller daemons carried prizes too – gastropods with human heads and sacks filled with wriggling, glistening worms. And, slithering alongside these smaller shapes were larger creatures – oozing, ponderous molluscs with teetering spiral shells and probing, glistening antennae.”

3.Armoured Plaguebearers or Heralds of Nurgle?-“While Atolmis and the others had been busy running in circles, several larger shapes had crept quietly from the rotten trees. They were of a similar breed to the other daemons – bony limbs, rotten, diseased flesh, pot bellies and single, yellow eyes – but they were twice the size and clad in thick, armour-like hide. Rather than a single tusk, their heads were crowned with a cruel nest of jagged horns and as they began to laugh, long, segmented tongues tumbled from between their fangs.”

3.Wildcats, a previous Wood Elf unit-“Dozens of wildcats were circling in the shadows, padding in and out of view and following his movements with their glinting, yellow-green eyes.”

3.Orion can get a dragon as a mount!-“As the spirits watched in amazement, Tanos climbed from the pool, lowered his head and allowed Orion to climb along his neck and take a seat between his wings. Then he reared up and let out a deafening roar.” “Orion plunged through the clouds on Tanos’s back, haloed by a burning sky. Sparks flashed along his antlers and danced on the bone-white tip of his spear. He sang as his dragon mount bore him through the fumes, filling the air with majesty and leading his strange kin to war.”

3. “Finally, entering the garden from every direction came vast squadrons of the daemon-flies, each as big as she was and carrying spear-wielding, cyclopean riders.”-A small one here, Plague Drone riders are shown with their usual swords, not spears so another weapon option.

3.A mix of animals from the Wild Hunt-“Below them, emerging from the trees in one snorting, tidal rush, came bears, followed by boars, followed by wolves, stags and noble, moonflanked unicorns.”

This is one of the largest Wood Elf novels I could find (maybe the only one) and so, any information in it could be useful. There are other obscure and possible units for the Wood Elves such as Zoats, Wythel Warriors (Citadel Journal 37) and the Living Forest/Woken Forest from Storm of Magic, but we'll have to see.

Anyway, discuss and tell me of any other information that you think would be relevant on the Wood Elves.


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