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How to identify military forces in certain region?

ProvincianProvincian Registered Users Posts: 1
I tried to look for the way how to identify military forces in certain region but , as I thought, no interface btw region_manager & military_force_interface exists.

Algorithm which I think is as follows:


for i=0, cm:query_model():world():region_manager():region_list():num_items() - 1 do

    local current_region= region_list:item_at(i);

    for j=0, cm:query_model():world():faction_list():num_items() - 1 do

        local current_faction= faction_list():item_at(i);

        local military_force_visited = {};

        for k=0, current_faction:character_list():num_items() - 1 do

            local current_character = character_list():item_at(i);

            local current_military_force = current_character:military_force();

            if military_force_visited[current_military_force] != nil then




            end ;


            I will do something in this block using








But it looks like inefficient, slow; it has triple loop and if-else is nested.

Is there other ways to figure out what military_force in certain region?
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