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My generals bodyguard just died in melee to slingers ;.;

DutchbanngerDutchbannger Registered Users Posts: 92
I tried this battle a few times because I really wanted to get the casualties down and the enemy's oathsworn were pulling off insanely high kill numbers.

I finally won the battle with just over 600 casualties (auto resolve had it at almost 1000) but in those 600 was my main general. I rewatched and couldn't believe how I lost him. Ironically enough this was both the only time he died in my multiple trials but I also slaughtered the oathsworn with 4 basic, fresh recruited javelinmen on skirmish mode where as before I couldn't even beat them when surrounding them multiple trarii and cav charges without 200 deaths on my side. I can't help but laugh.
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