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Feedback after my first campaign

I just finished my Agamemnon campaign. Here you are my remarks.

-Units are cool and versatile.
-Different hero/faction abilities are cool. Like the Aeneas the necromancer.
-There are too much centaurs to the setting especially in Greece.
-Sieges are too easy to start. All right, units carry ladders in their pockets, but sieges in the early ages were hard. A compromise would be if units use less ladders. 2 or even just 1.
-It was disappointing the siege of Troy didn't require Troyan horses.
-It was very hard to orientate on the minimap from turn 1 to turn 120. At the beginnings it was impossible, later it became very hard. My faction color was light blue and the sea is dark brown. Quite nonsense. Sea should have colors which reminds to the sea. Or if brown from some bizarre reasons, it should be very-very light. There must be a sharp contrast between land and sea.
-Apollon in the myth was the main supporter of Trojans. Storywise it's quite bizarre he can help the Greeks AGAINST Trojans. Aphrodite is a similar case. Hera and Athene should support only the Greeks. I hope the new gods will resolve this issue.
-There are a bunch of trinkets but very few weapons for heroes.
-Heroes and agents already in the game also became children of Zeus when they are placed on the map from the unused pool and when they return from and injury (if I remember correctly). This must be a bug.
-Slings are too weak compared to the ancient reports. Slings hit hard and had a far longer reach compared to bows. Bows are too good in this game. To be weak against armors is okay but even bows should be weak in this case. Okay it's a game they won't but slings should be stronger still. Maybe a bigger difference in range. Bows should have range of 150 for example.
-Light spearmen should wear only a tunic and maybe a bronze helmet. If someone wears bronze he should be tough. I think on the weakest spearmen in striped bronze cuirass. In the bronze age light armor didn't exist.
-Medium tier units shouldn't have pauldrons. This way they would be easier to differentiate them from heavy units by sight.
-Archer heroes should have Scythian horn bows. Paris on pictures holds just a decorated wooden bow in the shape of a reflex bow.
-Units cannot attack at road bends. They march in a line and only a few attacks.
-Chariots are slow. Light infantry is able to outrun light chariots many times. Especially when they want to disengage from melee.


  • mooshdotjpegmooshdotjpeg Registered Users Posts: 38
    slings are good at taking out other ranged, which is pretty much all i use them for since I hate the ranged spam. Light spearmen, or the basic spearmen I wish were actually useful past turn 10. I agree with the bronze comment, I think the movie "Troy" did a good job showing an average spearmen, basic leather armor or minimal bronze armor. No way would an entire army be decked out in bronze armor lol. Very immersion breaking. Mods to the rescue XD
  • konegrkonegr Registered Users Posts: 5
    I also played as Agamemnon in my first Easy campaign. Unfortunately, i must abort the game in turn 255 without victory.

    My remarks are :

    - Agamemnon's brother and ally Menelaus is too aggressive. He managed to confederate all the major factions in the game. So he had plenty of armies for use against Dardania and Troy. I didn't expect that. I would like to see all the Greek factions with their different colors as a coalition against Troy.
    - Because of his aggressiveness, i didn't manage to complete some of my missions, such as Anax of Mycenae, Anax of Attica, Anax of the Cyclades and Anax of Miletus. The Homeric Victory is impossible as well. Menelaus occupy Troy.
    - Because of his confederation policy, i can't gain a Total War Victory. I occupy 45/100 settlements.
    - Some of my vassals failed to attack against some settlements of my antagonist faction Lycia. So i had to attack by myself and lost time probably to march against Troy.
    - I have noticed, that Lycia raised endless armies. I think it is unrealistic. The most settlements are in my hands and Menelaus hands as well. So, where do Lycia find the resources to raise armies?

    Why Menelaus is too aggresive and cancel Agamemnon's missions? Should Agamemnon follow his brother in the war against Troy or he can follow his own path to victory?
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