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Unable to host Multiplayer battles

PeterWolfPeterWolf GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 18
edited October 2020 in Multiplayer Bugs
PeterWolf said:

Several days ago I stopped being able to host multiplayer battles. I can still host battles in spectator mode.

When I try to host a multiplayer battle I get the following errors:

1st : "The host has reduced the maximum unit setting...."
2nd: "Error You have lost connection the game".

When I try to join a multiplayer game from the lobby, it initially loads and assigns me chaos and then when I try to change races nothing happens, not only this but I am seen as loading on the hosts end and then eventually I get booted from the lobby.
when I leave a joined game, it shows in lobby as 2/2 still.

I as well as a Friend of mine got this Problem.
I also know of atleast 2 more people with this problem.

I get Beastmen. My friend gets Norsca. The othet one gets Chaos.
Wich is strange since i never set up an large Army nor did i save one. My Friend never even played Norsca.

At first i thought it might be some server or conectivity problem as the Massage suggested but it´s been over an Week now
and I´ve already let my Provider check my connection (wich is fine).
The Lobby is full of Games wich seem to be running fine without me. :'(
I´ve already considered the Problem being a steam issue but the Steam suport section has none of that mater.


Build is:

there can be no Replay File since i can´t host at all.

this problem somehow suddenly fixed itself but now i´m having the same problem again.
Build is now:
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  • BvzSABvzSA Registered Users Posts: 1
    Two friends and I are having the exact same issue. No mods, clean installs for them.

    I was initially able to host a game, no problem until I changed the gold to maximum. They couldn't see the change, left and I rehosted and then the issue started. I cannot host a game now. Another friend who has never hosted a game got the issue as well.

    One of the affected friends and I have a Co-op campaign without any issues.
  • PotatoMeisterPotatoMeister Registered Users Posts: 87
    Does no one have a solution for this? It's quite annoying.

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