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3k wont start at all.

JUSTVICTO13JUSTVICTO13 Registered Users Posts: 4
Hello, my game has not been able to start for about 2 weeks now, whenever I press play, the game will launch but it will never go pass de "Three Kingdoms" logo, after which the game will just dissapear without warnings, pop ups or whatsoever...

I have already tried everything another guy did that already solved this issue:

-Un-installed, dowloaded and re-installed the game.
-Deleted Steam cachés.
-Disabled Steams overlay - Which apparently was what worked for him.
-Did the preferences.script or whatever thingy...

So, here I am, what next?

Btw, before this happening the game crashed like 10-20 times a day for the past week before it just went kaput.


  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 38,847
    You may have a corrupted graphics driver. Try a clean install of that.

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  • JUSTVICTO13JUSTVICTO13 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Just un-installed and installed the drivers, didnt work.
    I have also tried to not use the new DLCs, still didnt work.
    I must add that I have no problems with other games.
  • kilzavxx2210kilzavxx2210 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi, I would like to add that I have the same problem too.
    My game never had any problems until the 1.6.0 update along with the Furious Wild DLC. When I roll back to the older betas (pre 1.6.0), I am able to start the game. But with the new update and 1.6.0, my game is always just stuck at the Three Kingdoms logo as well.
  • JUSTVICTO13JUSTVICTO13 Registered Users Posts: 4
    One month later, still your game won´t work after at least 5 times un-installing ur game and doing everything else.

    1.6.0 **** up my game, crashed like 20 times a day, buy still played.
    The next one, just destroyed everything.
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