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World Map MOD

bradleybrandbradleybrand EnglandRegistered Users Posts: 11
Hello guys. I know there was a "World Map MOD" which if I am correct was not completed. To even include "China".


Does anyone know about this and if it is possible for them to complete or not?


  • ColdstreamerColdstreamer Registered Users Posts: 8
    I personally really want to create new towns, cites, and regions and would personally work on it. But I have no idea how to edit these.
  • Lot_QahnaarinLot_Qahnaarin Registered Users Posts: 1
    I would really like to see an overhaul of the game. Both in map and mechanics. If we could get the entire globe in there, I would be satisfied. If we could get the entire globe, add more regions to France, and Spain, and fill the areas labled "Wilderness" I would be estatic. If we could get all of that, plus new units, factions, diplomacy options, longer technology trees into say 1900s (Push Start date back to maybe 1600s) ? It would be my perfect TW game.

    In terms of diplomacy I would love to see joint military operations be something you can coordinate with AI. I hate the feeling that in massive scale wars only your nation does any fighting.

    In terms of technology, perhaps to keep people from sailing to Australia or other places they shouldnt be in the 1600s, you could make technology requirements necassary, sorta like how in Medevial II you couldnt sail to the Americas without a certain ship type.

    I wish someone could do all of this. It would be incredible. I don't even know if it is possible with Empire's Engine.
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