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Help! Gaming laptop for TW:WH

petherpether Registered Users Posts: 90
edited October 25 in Technology
Hi guys.

I must buy new device for gaming (including ofc TW). Because of reasons, I cannot go full PC-master-race, and I must settle with laptop.

What I must pay attention to if I want to have smooth Warhammer games?



  • ReeksReeks Registered Users Posts: 3,860
    pether said:

    Hi guys.

    What I must pay attention to if I want to have smooth Warhammer games?


    Realize that you can´t have that, the game is horribly optimized.
  • petherpether Registered Users Posts: 90
    OK, I see. Let me rephrase my question:

    What should I focus on and where starts overpriced overkill if I want to have as good WH experience as possible on laptop? Looking for best cost-efficiency ratio.

  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,203
    Ignoring the **** commentary over performance problems...

    A laptop has two significant shortcomings. Processors are low power affairs and thus lack the high end of performance, and thermals are a significant barrier.

    With this in mind, your biggest problem when playing Warhammer, is that your CPU and GPU are going to be worked hard, at the same time. This generates substantial heat, and a poorly cooled laptop will self throttle.

    As far as the graphical needs go, a GTX 2060 should be more than sufficient. There's not much point to a 4k laptop screen, you're really only going to need 1080p performance here. You're really not going to need a hotter card unless you want to do something like play Death Stranding at maximum, or plug in an external 4k monitor.

    If you do want to do 4k gaming with high fidelity shooters and RPG's? More power means more heat. Be very, very careful, if you decide to select a 2080 or similar. The bigger they are, the hotter then run, and the more they get throttled. It is not unheard of, to buy a bigger video card, and get worse performance. Sufficient cooling isn't a nice thing to have, it's necessary, and a "cooling pad" is inconsequential compared to a proper internal thermal design and will do little, if anything, to solve a shortcoming.

    For the CPU side of things, you're after something equally dirt common and cheaply acquired. An i7 10750H or 9750H, preferably the 10750H as it's newer and has a higher turbo. These are both 6 core mobile processors with decent performance, quite effective as long as they aren't having thermal problems.

    Aside from this, you want a decent NVME SSD so the load times don't kill you, and 16GB of RAM or better. Avoid the fancy Max-Q GPU's that are horribly crippled, and resign yourself to carrying a brick, not one of the fancy ultra thin garbage laptops. None of them can cool themselves.

    Once you've decided on the specs, look for reviews on their cooling, and pick from the ones that actually do.
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