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Sea Vikings tactics in campaign

Is it just better to sack settlements and return/ move somewhere else compared to occupying it?

I find the food production suffers when I occupy a place!

Plus I'm finding my raiding army running out of supplys even when I'm in land I own.


  • TroyTomusTroyTomus Registered Users Posts: 150
    I tend to have a base then raid the neighbouring towns as much as possible to keep supplies high. Once the occupied settlement is upgraded enough and the neighbouring town is weak I'll take it.

    Fun to get into the role of the viking lords I guess. Raid, raid, settle, raid
  • Kdzoom355Kdzoom355 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I usually just Sack then immediately occupy. That way I get money and deny the enemy food and money. And if the settlement rebels than even better as now they have to retake that settlement. If it doesn't than I usually have extra food and income and can slowly work the settlement into my kingdom. So always sack then occupy. Maybe I'm doing it wrong though curious on others thoughts.
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