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Foster the Wounds does not appear to work on Garrisons (Spy Action)

VoodooVirusVoodooVirus Registered Users Posts: 27
edited October 2020 in Campaign and Battle Bugs
The spy skill Foster the Wounds description states that it "(Increases the replenishment rate for garrison and local armies in region.)". If you use the skill on a garrison that has suffered casualties it will not show either any immediate change nor does it show any predicted change in casualties next turn. Whereas, it does show an effect that you would expect when you have a controllable general lead army in the region or garrisoned, where it will show an increase in the predicted change in casualty replenishment next turn.

Either the skill description needs to be reworked to accurately say that only controllable campaign map level armies are affected, or if anything is actually being done to the garrison it needs to be made visible as in an immediate change or predicted change, or there is a bug preventing this from working as intended.
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