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How to hold battle formation

katoboykatoboy Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey all, could some one give me info on how to keep my battle formation after l have formed it, once l try to move them they end up in a big frigging straight line.


  • GenShermanGenSherman Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 574
    edited October 2020
    There are a couple of ways. Make a group out of all units that you want to create a formation with. Then unlock them. Then manually place the units and adjust ranks how you want them. Them lock the group.
    You should be able to then select that group and move them in the formation you just set them in.

    Alternately you can: 1. Group units 2. Select one of the premade formations 3. Make sure the group is locked.

    Then any time you want to refile or regroup just unlock.

    Hope that helps.
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