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  • Bastilean#7242Bastilean#7242 Registered Users Posts: 3,097
    Yeah, they are basically already slowly disintegrating so you speed it up with the unicorn? Would like some more visual clues like a rainbow refraction around the model showing the radius if this is pursued.
  • saweendra#3399saweendra#3399 Registered Users Posts: 20,526

    Wait, wheres the part of who gets deepwood or royal unicorn?

    if remember correctly if its listed as war beast its deep wood , if its listed as monster beast its royal unicorn

    fay one is royal

    in 5th and 6th edition does not list any other character from bret riding unicorn except fay, i remember some one posting about bret unicorn which had war beast in it, but i can't seem to find that thread.

    #givemoreunitsforbrettonia, my bret dlc

  • Bastilean#7242Bastilean#7242 Registered Users Posts: 3,097
    The wood elf book and the bretonian book says war beast, but it is the strength 4 toughness 4 with 2 attacks. I wouldn't worry about it.

    Neither book unicorn causes fear. Neither book shows a ward save. However, the Fey Enchantress causes fear to all armies and terror to Skaven, Beastmen and Greenskins.

    The Mists of the Lady in the book is called Supreme Blessing and doesn't have a mortis effect and doesn't effect MA but instead increases the power of the Blessing of the Lady by 15%. This is arguably reproduceable with Shield of Thorns so it's fine. Also, low enemy MA synergizes with Grail Guardian's high MD.
  • Pocman#6295Pocman#6295 Registered Users Posts: 5,901
    The two types of unicorns is a silly thing GW did to sell more models.

    There was one type of unicorn, which is the one called "royal". Silvarion, the WE unicorns, and the supposed "royal" unicorns all haf the same stats. And prophetesses and damsels did NOT have unicorns as a mount option.
    Bastilean said:

    I fully support this proposal. Keep in mind that CA will be differentiating these and Great Stags. I assume stags will be the larger AP variant. I guess I am assuming we get great stags. Crossing fingers.

    Here's some fine points to consider:

    Firstly, basic human steeds should pay -50g, because they aren't as fast as elven ones.

    Secondly, Fey Enchantress is not getting the full Magic Resistance of a regular Unicorn. She comes base with 25% and is only gaining 35% of the 40%, so no nerf please.

    Thirdly, yes! unicorns should be as fast as elven steeds. I agree the speed alone going up would be great and fits the fluff.

    Fourth, I would like to see unicorns add more encourage to the battle field say +5 LD. +5 LD on the model as well for the same reason. They should have a positive impact on the troops directly around them.

    Fifth, don't nerf the magic resistance. This is their shtick.

    Sixth, 60 CB on basic unicorn is good. Don't change Fey Enchantress.

    Seventh, a flat health buff of 850 makes more sense especially on Fey Enchantress.

    Eighth, yes unicorns should cause fear for both Bret and WE.

    Ninth, yes increase the cost for this majestic creature from 300 to 400.

    So basically, if you are an elf you pay +200g for +25 CB, +7 MA, Fear, +500 health, +5 LD encourage, magical attacks(?) and strong magic resist. Seems legit.

    I doubt Glady gets a unicorn. Maybe if there is a new combat/spellcaster lady.

    What do you all think about removing magical attacks from Spell Singers and adding them back with the unicorn? I feel like the unicorn should be a unique choice to include some magical attacks, but honestly not interested in arguing for it since this isn't a melee hero.

    The basic human horse can't go lower in price.

    The great stags should be, in theory, a chariot.
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