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Game Crash during siege battles

MorzenMorzen Registered Users Posts: 1
I've recently started experiencing a crash during siege battles whereby the game appears to pause itself since for a few seconds, since projectiles are frozen mid air and units stop moving but otherwise I can still move the camera around, followed by the game suddenly closing to desktop.

I have attached the campaign quick save file before the siege battle that has consistently been crashing for me, though I will mention that the game had crashed previously when doing another siege battle with the same army, which at the time I didn't think much of and simply auto-resolved that battle to get around the issue.

I believe the crash is caused by The Avalanche Mortars (Death Globe Mortars) regiment of renown as it always happens when they are firing and it seems to only occur after they have spent a significant amount of ammunition (typically over half their ammunition). The way I've been doing the battle is to sit my army in front of the corner of the walls and have the warp-lightning cannons shoot down both corner towers, followed by having it shoot both towers that surround the right side gate, after which I have The Avalanche Mortars start shooting at the troops on the wall and after a bit of this is when the game crashes. It is perhaps worth noting that I have the other units with fire at will turned off so only The Avalanche Mortars are shooting when the game crashes. The game version is 1.92 Build 15685.2026348

I would appreciate any assistance that may be provided with this issue.

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