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Archer - Skirmisher - Light Archer Chariot cannot attack with melee

VoodooVirusVoodooVirus Registered Users Posts: 27
I have only tested this extensively with this type of chariot, but if you were to toggle your hero to melee or once your hero consumes all their ammo, the hero cannot attack while in the chariot when in melee, even though you can give it the command to attack. The hero in the chariot will merely push itself into enemies and never commit to an attack. Due to this, aside from the heroes missiles, the chariot cannot do any damage other than the occasional trample damage which amounts to practically nothing even when running it into stationary light weight units from behind.


  • TotalPatoTotalPato Registered Users Posts: 3
    Hey so have you received any help with this? I also have this problem and can´t continue playing the game because of it. My heroes are completely useless now
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