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Game crashing/corrupted save files when playing H2H against Russian players

razvan812000razvan812000 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited November 2020 in Multiplayer Bugs
I have now tried playing H2H against 4 opponents -all from Russia and my game always crashes. Attempting to load the latest save doesn't help either. It seams like the problem is on both sides.
It doesn't matter who hosts... both parties experience crashes/and corrupted files.
I don't have this problem when playing with people from other countries.
A fix would be much appreciated.
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  • MasterSayo01#2856MasterSayo01#2856 Registered Users Posts: 1,430
    Hello razvan812000,

    I suspect that you must place this in the section: https://forums.totalwar.com/categories/support-total-war-warhammer-ii-multiplayer-bugs!

    This section is only for WARHAMMER II Support Forum - Campaign & Battle Bugs.

    Moderator can you please move to the right section: https://forums.totalwar.com/categories/support-total-war-warhammer-ii-multiplayer-bugs?

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  • EvgenShEvgenSh Registered Users Posts: 5
    edited May 2021
    tldn: try to close any 3rd party coms programs like discord and Team Speak or Steam and use in-game coms option.

    I had similar random crashes issues when playing H2H with friend from Russia (I am from Ukraine)
    Our campaigns started to crash since summer 2020 (approximately). Sometimes it happened on 30th or 60th turn. Sometimes it was right after battle or after heroes actions. After the game started to crash we was able to reproduce it 100%, so it was a blocker to continue playing campaign and we had to start over. We abandoned like 10+ campaigns and it was very annoying, so we gave up with H2H campaigns. After last patch we decided to give it another try.

    The solution:
    On turn 37 we encountered similar crash issue as we had before. The game crashed right after closing of battle screen but then we tried to reload the save with closed Discord and this helped to avoid crash after battle! Then we tried with Team Speak and had the same crash after battle as with discord.

    Also, we used in-game coms while reloading the save and after passing crash part we launched Team Speak and use it without any crashes.

    So I am sure that there is some relation of the crashes to using 3rd parties coms applications (i.e. discord and TS)

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