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AnzenAnzen Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello everyone :)

In my opinion it is the greatest total war game i have ever played, and i can´t stop flirting with the thought of how great a newly optimized shogun game would be.

Would anyone else LOVE to see a shogun 3 announcement? Or maybe just a remake or remaster of shogun 2 and it´s DLC´s?

Hope there is someone out there who feels the same way as I do! Lets show total war that we need this to happen :D


  • greendolphingreendolphin Registered Users Posts: 26
    Just like most of the fans i want either a medieval 3 or an empire 2. Or any other middle ages or gunpowder based game.

    But yes i would be pleased to hear a shogun 3 announcement. Adding Korea to the map is a great idea by the way.

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