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Spread charge option?

NullotitossNullotitoss Registered Users Posts: 1
edited November 2020 in Total War General Chat
I though about this today.. Didn’t look for it in the forum, so sorry if someone already talked about it.

So! I think we could have something like a real « charge! » options in ALL the Total War games.
It could be a button on the bottom of the screen during battles.
Clicking on it just spread the selected troop.

And instead of running together, the troop spread out.
It could do something like this in the stats:
-25% distance damage taken
+10% speed
But -75% charge damage dealt
+50% charge damage taken
+The unit gets tired a lot quicker.
Of course with a timer for the change to apply (avoiding spam-click cheats) and a cooldown.

It could be used to flank quicker, to avoid arrows rain (or bullets) and quickly get into melee...

Cause it is known in history that, the charges aren’t always ordered face to face. Sometimes it’s just about how quick you can overrun the ennemy, no matter how dangerous it is.

I think it could add some in-battle strategy. What do you think?
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