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[need help] can't upload my mod more than 100 MB to Steam workshop

fable09fable09 Registered Users Posts: 15
Hi all,

I spent several months work on my mod and when it completed I realized that I can't upload to Steam workshop.

According to some websites , Steam only allows mods to be uploaded when file size below 100 MBs . Others said some Total War mods were around 400 MBs and still can be uploaded to Steam.

I uploaded this mods several time already, leaving my PCs running when I go outside for 5 - 7 hrs when I got back home it still in loading states. I tried in last few days , it doesn't work at all, feel so frustrated.

Other options I know is split the file to several small files and upload them separately and I really don't want to do that. Everything should be in same place, one file only.

I would be very appreciate if you guys know how can I work around to upload my file.



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