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Definitive Norsca (Very Hard) Mortal Empires Immortal Marauders Success Guide 2020

Rogue_Trooper82Rogue_Trooper82 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 26
Ave Imperators,

I have been playing the Total War Franchise on/off since 2004, after hundreds of hours I solely play on VH and have some pretty sweet map paints WC's and tough campaign victories across the titles (WRE BI Expansion) I have completed some legendary runs on TWS2 including Oda and Ikko Ikki as well.

Following the diabolical mess (In my opinion) of TWR2 and then some of the issues TWW1 I wandered away from the series and after a good 5 year gap from the TW I'd heard some good things about the state of TWWH2 and seeing watching my old buddy LoTW continue to play and seeing old friends like Wealthmonger return to the series on My steam friends list I thought I would hazard a comeback.

My first run as Dawi on VH proved interesting and after completing that I decided upon attempting the current achievemnt with the least percentage of completion, namely the immortal marauders achivement as Norsca!

I managed to bag this achivement in 240 turns, although it took 4 restarts to complete two of which were up to over 160 turns!

After looking through the internet there are a number of conflicting guides and advice, having tried some and measured their effectiveness I recommend the following for Norscan Dominance,

Faction World Wanderers

Wulfriks Skill Tree

Getting Lightening Strike on the blue line ASAP is essential then focus on the yellow line until you get Hunter of Champions as this will enable you to nerf enemy generals in combat, once you have these important skills use the red line to increase the effectiveness of Mammoths for late game, namely Monsters of the North and Hulks of Death.

Finally increase his fighting ability with Melee buffs and hit points and Wulfrik become a bona fide death dealer

Norscan Army Composition

Early game

15 x Berserkers - 3 x Marauder Javelin Inf

Mid Game

10 x War Mammoths - 3 x Berserkers - 3 x Marauder Javelin - 2 x Armoured Skin Wolves - 1 x Fire Shamen

Late Game

10 x War Mammoths - 4 x Marauder Champions - 3 x Marauder Javelin - 2 x Armoured Skin Wolves - 1 x Fire Shamen

Opening Moves Turns 1-20

Key is to not expand too qucikly, build up Ice Drake Fjord's Military Building Capability so you can spam a Berserker stack, take Longship Graveyard around turn 2-3 and then move Wulfrik to complete the capture of the the Ice Tooth Mountains province, once you encounter Throgg defeat him (Turn 19 for me) and confederate Wintertooth But do not Recruit him yet


At this point do not expand any further in Norsca, Use diplomacy every turn to give small gifts to increase your favour with the Helspire Tribe If you can afford it ofc,

The logic behind this is you'll be fighting to the South for the majoirty of the Campaign, Norscan lands are poor and not worth defendeding and confederating Helspire will make you a Great Power who will suddenly be overwelmed by the High and Dark Elven Factions, your economy will become reliant on sacking Bretonnian and Empire Cities and preventing the formation of the ordertide is your No.1 Priority not buidling up pitiful Norscan crap heaps.


In regards to you homelands build only Public Order and Military Buildings in Ice Tooth Mountains. In the Mountains of Hel, Mountains of Naglfari and Trollheim Mountains build only Fur staches and Ruinous Altars for economic and Public order buffs.

Keep around 2-3k as a float in your gold reserves, start other building chains such as defence works once you are flush from looting the south.

Defence of Norsca

By bribing Helspire the only real risk from Norsca comes from the coast, whilst invasions will come they are never life threatening at this stage. Build Guard shacks on the Coast when you have the funds and upgrading to Maureding Militia Buildings will allow you to reasonably face most threats.

A usefull strategy is in times of invasion is to bolster your garrisons with a general and simply recruit regiments of reknown to assist in it's defence, by the time of the bigger threats and inevitable show down with Chaos you'll have so much gold you can build a doom stack solely to defend the blighted North but for now this simple and cheap method is effective.

Destroying the Ordertide Turn 20 - 160

Bretonnia Turn 20-40

Your whole focus now should be on preventing the forces of order confederating, this should be achived by attacking Courenne first, then Reikland finally the High Elves.

When attacking Courenne you'll need 1.5 Armies of Berserker spam ( Recruit 2nd Lord with Infernal Dominace Trait), keep his smaller stack together at all times in Raid Stance with Wulfrik, whenever possible sack whatever settlements you need to keep the wheels turning on your way to Courenne.

At this stage Courenne will most likely be at war with Marianberg and the Skull smashers and have 2 settlemtns, Courenne and L'Anguille, this will be where Norsca begins its offensive against the Ordertide.

Once in Courenne you need to divide their attention and remain in Raiding Stance to allow you to recieve some income and recieve replenishment, L' Anguille should be your first target, only attack if their is no armies around the key to Norsca is engaging the enemy in equal numbers only what 100% necessary.

Sack ASAP and remain outside the settlement in Raidning stance, next turn raise it to the ground and move towards Courenne. Courenne will most likely be able to field a similar number of troops, around 1.5 Stacks.

At this point use your 2nd Lord with the smaller 0.5 stack to lay siege to Courenne, then utilise Wulfrik to assault the other stack outside the walls, wipe it out and return to raiding stance.

You need to achieve victory in this battle with enough forces sustain the siege with the smaller army and Wulfrik in reserve, in the most un-Norscan Style you will maintain the Siege for 6 turns to starve it out, once the garrison recives attition you will see the balance of power move in your favour (Turn 37 in my run) AR the siege and Raise yes thats right raise the city, destroy it and return your armies to raid stance.

If you sack the settlement you'll struggle to defeat the garrison that returns, defeating Courenne early removes the risk of Bretonnia confederating and removes the first pillar from the Ordertide. Whilst not rich you'll have enough to continue expanding elsewhere and with Courenne out of the way you should be looking towards the Empire.

Defeating the Empire Turns 40 - 100

This is where the serious work starts, the Empire are notorious difficult to snuff out, and the majority of my restarted campigns were due to ineffective stratagies in dealing with them. Preventing building higher tier armies is eesential however upon the cusp of defeat they will always confederate another human faction to prevent anhiliation, likewise leaving them too strong will mean they simply gobble up more Vampire Count lands and prolong their demise!

I found the most effective tactic to be mixture of destruction and Diplomacy, destroy whatver you come across espcially Provincial Capital's to prevent them fielding quality opposition. Try to visualise this campaign as Sherman's March to the Sea in the US Civil War, weaken them whilst attempting to get the VC's in on the action.

Once the VC's join the war you will find you can assault the garrisons, sack the settlements to shore up your finances and the VC's assault and hold the settlements the very next turn.

Probably the most important factor in defeating the Empire out right is that due to some sort of scripted safeguard they will expand in Bretonnia, potentially in the walled settlements of Quenelle or Castle Bastonne. This is normally preceeded by them taking the Forts of Helmgart and Fort Berbeges in the Grey Mountains You need to make the destruction of which ever settlements they take in Bretonnia proper your number priority

By ensuring that the Empire remain in Reikland ensures their destruction at your hands and consumpiton by the VC's later on, leave them this area and they will prove undefeatble. This will be coupled by you being unable to keep the High Elves in Check and allow them to confederate Teclis, Arialle and the other half dozen LL's at their disposal, the HE's are the No. 1 Threat to Norsca but prove undefeatble until you have made 100k's in gold from looting the Empire and can field the end game Doom Stacks.

Once you have rooted them out of Bretonnia dont worry about taking Altdorf its now time to Sack and build the Mammoth Doom Stacks that will win you the Campign, work North rainsing Nuln, Talabhiem and Hergig and sacking outlying villages and towns to bolster your economy, this can take some time but buys the time to get 10 War Mammoths ready for Wulfriks Army. Also start sending gifts to build favour with Naggarond in preperation for neutralising the HE.

Small or medium gifts work on 2 levels, 1 to gain Naggarond as an Ally and 2 to bolster Naggaronds efforts against the High Elves, so does the blood soaked gold of the Empire fuel the war against the High Elves and hasten the destruction of the 8 times cursed Order Tide.

If all is going to plan you'll be able to RV with the War Elephant stacks and really focus on destroying the Empire outright, the Empire will be fully engaged on mulitple fronts. The destruction of Middenheim and Salzenmund proved the end of my involvement as the VC's were now well on their way to defeating Karl Franz.

With the threat in the south now out to bed, hope over the gulf of Kislev to unite Norsca by defeating the Helspire lord and begin preparing your armies for the invasion Ulthuan.

Operation Lothern Turn 100 - 170

With Norsca united, immdiatly despacth Wulfrik to Ulthuan, Mistnar the small Island to the North is the closest. Ignore the shrine of Khaine as your goal is work along the eastern edge of Ulthuan sacking everything in your path whilst eliminating any militray capabilities the HE's can field.

Wulfrik can work independantly until reinforcements arrive, if you find the HE's concentrate their forces simply move further around the inner kingdom sacking as you go. To complete the conquest you'll need 3 Doom Stacks of either Mid-End Game quality who can work their way down from Mistnar raising the already ruined settlements, dedicate their destruction to the Serpent in preperation for the Chaos Storyline Narrative.

At this point look to RV Wulfrik and the other 2 stacks in the vicinity of Lothern. Take Lothern, do not sack it and build it up as defensive and Military province. Rebolster your forces whilst Naggarond and Cult of Pleasure finish off the High Elves and raise what you need to get level 3 with the Serpent.

Behold the True Everchosen Turn 170 - 240

At Level 3 you'll now see the scipted chosen challangers arrive, create a 4th Doom Stack in Norsca and move Wulfrik North towards Norsca.

Have your 2 armies continue to sack the remaining HE's provinces in Ulthuan, much like the Empire and the VC's you'll find the DE's gobble up the depleated garrisons.

At this point its now about gaining possession of the required number of Capitals to meet the Victory Conditions, in my run Clan Ritchen and Clan Pestilens had taken most of Lustria and Naggaroth under their possession including Naggorond. With the DE's well established in Ulthuan the way was clear to send the 2 stacks in Ulthuan North to Naggaroth sacking as they went towards capturing Naggarond.

Chaos Challngers

Meanwhile Wulfrik moves toward Norsca to face the challengers, if the oppurtunity arises use the stack in this area to wipe out any that move near Norsca. They will eventually hone in on Wulfrik and you can simply move him towards a setlement and let them attack and you will recieve the garrision as reinforcements but to be honest you dont really need too as you'll have recieved Khilar the Tormentor as an Agent, this Chaos Wizard is an tremendously OP Blender and combined in Wulfrik's doom stack nothing now stands in your way.

After defeating the 1st 2 challangers you will have to use Wulfrik to teleport to meet the final challanger, this is a relatively difficult battle but can be easily won with Wulfrik and Khilar devestating the LL and the Mammoths mopping up the rest. Worth noting the final Chaos challnger will recieve reinforments from the East and West with a Beastmen and Norsca Army, these can cause significant casulties if not handled correctly.

After defeating this final opponent you will recieve a decision dialouge box which asks if you will choose to allign with Archeron or oppose him. Opposing him gives you the 'True Ever Chosen' Campaign effect and a whopping -75% Unit upkeep buff once all the Warrior of Chaos are defeated.

Unlike other factions Chaos event, if you oppose Archeron the Warrior of Chaos solely declare war on you with 6 stacks including Sigvald, Khloek and of course Archeron. Kholek's army presents the biggest challenge but as the Chaos forces split between moving along the Sothern Coast of Norsca towards the Tower of Krakk and the Bay of Blades and attacking Winter Pyre in the North they can taken apart piecemeal if you use Wulfrik and the 4th Doom stack you created to defend Norsca in tandem.

By letting the Chaos stucks divide themsleves between the difficult and spread out terrain defeating them is not a problem, once the stacks are seperated they can be AR's with minimum casulties any settlements they stack can be rebuilt later at a minimum cost.

With the Chaos Event out of the way I then simply increased my armies to 6 Doom Stacks and checked off the remaining Victory conditions in less then 20 turns and joined the 0.3% of TWWH2 players to have defeated the game as Norsca, around 9k players if figures of 3 Million copies sold is to be believed!

So ends my guide, I hope it helps and if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck and if in doubt just shout 'MOOOOOOOOAR MAMMOTHS!!!!!!' and all will be well!


  • MarkStu67MarkStu67 Registered Users Posts: 54
    Thanks so much for this richly detailed breakdown. I have always been drawn to play Norsca for the whole Viking vibe but have never been able to get past the punishing start - how far to expand, who to attack first etc. I will definitely give this a run-through :)
  • endurendur Registered Users Posts: 4,162
    Great writeup.

    I like the idea of sending gifts to Helspire and Naggarond.
  • veresh1989veresh1989 Russia, Saint-PetersburgRegistered Users Posts: 4,451
    I passed for Winter Fang, it was a real hell, the most difficult campaign in the game. 327 moves of torment.

  • HeresyHoundHeresyHound Registered Users Posts: 8,152
    Just wanted to say it was a nice read, thanks for the write up.
  • Tempus_fugitTempus_fugit Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,382
    Hi Rogue_Trooper82.

    Nice guide. Thank you for the write up. Congrats on RTW:BI WRE. That is brutal. My friend did it. I went ERE and copped out on ever doing WRE. R2:TW was not great in the beginning but was better after patch 11 (or 14, I forget) and after the Imperator Augustus update (or called something like that).

    Congrats on dinging the achievement in such a short time. Well done.

    I like the strategy part of the guide, including preemptively attacking those factions that will pile into your lands if you ignore them. This is very handy and I have had about 4 Norsca campaign ends ruined by the ordertide.

    But... I think that too many things are already cheese flavoured. I do not really want my Norscan warriors to also be cheese flavoured.

    Ten war mammoths? No thank you. If this had been legendary, I can concede, but for VH? Nope... but since it was only your second playthrough of ME (taking dawi as the first), I would still say well done... albeit a bit cheese-y.

    I will use your strategy for defeating the ordertide (thanks for that. It is really good), but I always shout No mooaarr mammoths!

    I must admit I vastly prefer Throgg to Wulfrik, so may I suggest that you give Throgg a go? You are playing the ERE Norsca, mi amigo.
    There is no time but the present. – S:TW Hojo, R:TW Brutii/Germania/Alemanni(BI), Med2: Venice, S2: Oda, R2: Julia/Boii/Suebi/Lusitani, Attila: Geats/Garamantians, WH: All factions VH, Wood Elves on L. TWWH2: Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Skaven, Khalida, High Elves, Vampirates. ME: Khalida, Vampire Counts, Carcasonne, Wood Elves
  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 14,870
    edited November 2020
    I killed Empire first and in my experience it's easier like that, simply because that 25% weapon strength buff from Empire tech is so powerful.

    I also started with Throgg.

    And I didn't touch the Elves at all.

    And Ice Trolls were the core of my Throgg army.

    And did it, back before the Greenskin patch, back when the Ordertide was in full swing and there wasn't a 40% chance of it failling.

    One thing I definitely recommend is getting as much replenishment tech, skills, buffs of any sort, until you can fully heal in 2 or so turns(which is, I think, the maximum) as you want to fight and sack and ravage as much and as often as possible. Waiting around to replenish just isn't profitable due to low Norscan eco.
    Furthermore, I consider that Daemon Prince must be removed.
  • mm3791mm3791 Registered Users Posts: 169
    I just beat the campaign in 200 turns. It doesn't matter if you pick Wulfrik or Throgg to start because you're guaranteed to confederate the other LL anyway. If you do start with Wulfrik I'd still recommend using throggs capital of Aesling Conclave as your HQ because it has an extra building slot. I defeated Courenne on turn 28 and Archaon on turn 135. After defeating Archaon for the sweet upkeep reduction bonus the rest of the campaign is downhill easier. After unifying Norsca you will only be able to field 2 full armies, one for Wulfrik and the other for Throgg. After defeating Archeon, a sea of gold will flow into your treasury and you'll be able afford more lords.

    Reikland is very strong and you'll need at least 3 or 4 full stacks to conquer all of their provinces. Ally with Clan Moulder so they can help you find all the minor settlements and tilt the tide. Any settlements you raze around Aldorf will get captured by Barrow Legion, and settlements in the eastern Empire will by captured by Moulder. Capturing Aldorf is easy, but don't get lax about if, Franz will use Talabecland and Drakenhof as backup capitals, and clan moulder won't be able to push south until Talabecland is destroyed. Having multiple armies makes it doable, but not necessary easy. Franz will constantly throw tier V beef stacks at you with tanks, demigriffs, motors, helblaster, greatswords, halberdiers, and missle troops.

    Throughout the campaign I really didn't sack that much, and after you defeat Archeon you will be so rich that you won't need to sack at all. Sacking once or twice in the early campaign and again in the mid campaign is a good way to afford to upgrade all your buildings at once. I went path of the crow for super healing, so if I occupied an outpost I'd be able to heal my army in a turn or two so I wasn't spending a lot on replacing troops. Also raiding will give you +20% upkeep reduction so it's a great way to make a ton of money without wasting a turn for a sack.

    Regarding not being able to conquer territory as Norsca is really not a big deal at all. If you play as an ordertide army, then venture outside your home province and take a settlement, you still have to GO BACK to you home province anyways to get all the latest units, so it really doesn't make a difference playing as Norsca. If you need healing you can either occupy a port (which there are plenty in the world), or you can heal anywhere and anytime in the encamp stance (while still getting a +20% upkeep reduction bonus).

    Regarding the alliance powers, I go right for the crow for the healing but also to defeat Archeon ASAP. The Norscan campaign hinges on getting the 75% upkeep bonus, so the longer you put it off, the more powerful enemies will declare war on you, and you won't be able to afford enough armies to fend them all off. There was a point in the campaign when I was fighting Naggarond on the western norscan peninsula with Throgg, and fighting the Warriors of Chaos on the eastern side with Wulfrik. Finally I had to pull throgg over to help Wulfrik finish the job and let naggarond have a few of the ports for a few turns so I could focus everything at WOC.

    Another thing about the crow path is the global plague will start killing everyone and after it activated I saw a lot of the power balances shift in my favor. In fact when I fought the hound challenger his army wasn't even a full stack and each card in his army was depleted. What else could've done that but the crow plague? I also think it decimated the high elves and dwarfs because they were eliminated without me ever encountering them. It is difficult to say because it's the only power that you can't fully verify the entire impact, I think CA should give the player LOS when it goes off so the player can see the full global effects.

    Lastly my final late game roster consisted of fimir balefiend, 6 mammoths, 3+ skinwolves, and 3+ fimir with great weapons, with rest rest being filled out with either Champions (for Wulfrik) and ice trolls for throgg. Fimir are fantastic wizards and warriors I think they are really underrated when people play Norsca. This was my Norsca experience hope this helped.
  • more-morewarpstonemore-morewarpstone Registered Users Posts: 313
    The Norscan campaign is one of patience, perseverance, cunning, careful planning, and a slaughter of epic proportions.

    During a Very Hard Norscan campaign, Wulfrik became a tank(that bloody one) just because of all the casualties I was taking to the waves and waves of minor factions joining the bandwagon. If I didn't bull-rush Bretonnia and Reikland, I might have gone insane.

    Great guide though! I might work up the courage to play another one.
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