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Game Crash (IA TURN) 1.6.1 - YAN BAIHU Romance Campaign (Turn 140)

MargravenMargraven Registered Users Posts: 1
Build Number
v1.6.1 Build 15509_2098178

Detailed description of your issue
I started this campaign 07 november with White Tiger. My savegame started showing bugs when one of my coalition members (Wang Lang) was taken over by Yuan Shao but kept showing up on the coalition. But no crash up to then happened. When I became an emperor and founded an empire, crashs began to happen. Always in passing shifts. The strangest thing is that randomly after several attempts it passes. Probably because it is an inconsistency in the AI ​​options and when that inconsistency does not happen, the shift goes smoothly. the problem only happen in IA turn pass. New saves works well, but I afraid lose another savegame post alot of turns... fix it please.

Reproduction steps
Load the savegame and press turn pass.

Add information:
Playing: UE/PT
PT-BR Language

I've done 100% of everything that was requested on your fix page. I even reinstalled Steam, TW3K, deleted everything in \ AppData \ Roaming \ The Creative Assembly \ ThreeKingdoms. Everything you can imagine has already been done.

all files attached.

Please fix it, its not a hardware or software problem, probably is a "unschedule scenario" hit.


  • Ink-Eyes#7012Ink-Eyes#7012 Registered Users Posts: 20
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    Dude, the dev just don't care about us, i have the same problem, they don't care.
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