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Support needed - TW: Rome II Rise of the Republic crash

HyraculHyracul Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi all, hope this is the correct place to ask.

I'm currently playing TW: Rome II on Steam, Rise of the Republic campaign on legendary with Syracusae.
I really have to get into next turn to win - I've fulfilled every objective - but the game keeps crashing as a rebel army attacks a minor settlement (which I don't need for winning). The crash takes place as the game tries to save - after i autoresolve, win, lose, surrender.

It's not the first crash I've experienced, but the game only had problems with this campaign so far (I've a total playtime of over 800 hours).
Anyway, it's the first time happening before I'm able to get into the new turn.

I've tried everything and it's driving me nuts.
Any suggestion?
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