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Edit Turn 1 Ancillary Spawns

Bad_DreamsBad_Dreams Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi, I'm just wondering how you would go about modifying the guaranteed ancillaries that spawn in turn 1. I know how to change ancillaries that a character spawns with (I.E. making Liu Bei spawn with a stallion instead of a standard horse) But how you change what is guaranteed to spawn into the general item pool? Say Kong Rong always spawns with the stone monkey that can be given to anyone, and I want to change it to say a jade monkey.

I know about the entry in ceo_initial_data_active_ceos but just like if you change what a character starts with there and not in ceo_initial_data_equipment nothing changes, nothing is changed is if edit the entry there, and I can't find where else you would need to edit.


  • nubbyclairvoyant#4535nubbyclairvoyant#4535 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 13
    You can change T1 spawning ancillaries like horse in ceo_initial_data_active_ceos? And repeat in ceo_initial_data_equipment?
    But just for weapon, armor, horse--but not other ancillary types?

    fyi, on the Nexus I got a mod" "Legendary Weapons and Mounts Start Game Mod" that adds quite a few legendary weapons and mounts to player inventory of most factions via an event 2-3 turns after start. But no other ancillay types.

    Guess I need to examine the mod's structure, and experiment.
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