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Deck gunner rework because yes

elkappelkapp Registered Users Posts: 594
{That's a post i just wanted to make because why not. No, it doesn't fit the balance forum, since there's not a problem with deck gunners rn, just what i would see them better fit for my preferences. Also, since i'm a campaign player i refer to what i wrote in a campaign logic, so if what you see can't work in pvp don't insult me.}
  1. Deck gunners get a small increase in damage/projectile and range, small decrease in rate of fire.
  2. Their projectiles can penetrate small units like Yvresse's skyhawks and can get blocked by shields (dg retain shieldbreaker)
  3. Deck gunners get a limited use ability (could also be a switchabe "stance" that consume like 2-3 ammo each shot) with around 3-5 uses (depend could be more or less depending on the damage they inflict) where they use their guns to lunch a slow moving explosive shot with high arc. The damage and radious overall are variable but i see it like the grenade gunnery mob but with obviously bigger radious and damage per projectile since gunnery mob are in ultra 160 zombies while deck gunners are 32. The range of this ability/stance would be way inferior compared to the standard shot, for example 150 (considering 260 the base range post-buff), and also i wouldn't give it more than 50/50 ap/normal damage ratio (i think of it more like, as mentioned before, grenade gunnery mobs, aka trash killer with good aoe that can decently deal with armored).

I really like similar units in this game. I really enjoy building armies around those units that all races have and that perform basically the same way each time, but seriously i enjoy it a lot, like, that's the thing i like most about this game (outside the masterwork that are siege battle ofc). Deck gunners are not one of those (luckily), but oh, they are similar to jezzails. So i asked myself, "what whould be lorewise the difference from deck gunners and skaven jezzails (except the obvious things like the fact that jezzails have shields)?". I don't know honestly, because you can technically say whatever you want about the warpstone bullets jezzails use and that would make sense. So i looked at deck gunners and reformulated the above question as "how could a make deck gunners more deck gunnery?". Well, i took their role (guns made to destroy long ranged archers or similar), what they represent (literally small """portable""" cannons) and tried to expand it. Now, one of the cool things about cannon is that they penetrate (yes, i know, that's not "cool" actually that's one of the few things that keep cannons above the "dwarf bolt thrower" tier since cannons are aa bit ****, but's fine), so i guessed that skyhawks' projectile for them would work. But, the big problem of cannons isthat, if they don't work in optimal conditions, they just don't work (line of sight but also penetration, since killing 3 VC skeletons each shot is a waste and they tend to do it). I solved this by adding what's basically a grenade ability, but that's not a grenade but a mortar-like shot. Also, i didn't want this ability to be "strong" against infantry where by "strong" i mean it will win battles, but i went for the "it won't lose battles" logic.


  • jamesbluewavejamesbluewave Registered Users Posts: 531
    I really like your #3 idea, in that units should have switchable types of ammo. This used to be in old total war games, I’m not sure why it isn’t present here. But yea, not sure I’d give them exactly what you stated, however I do like the alternative ammo idea.
  • Lotus_MoonLotus_Moon Registered Users Posts: 11,038
    They are considered a bit OP in Multiplayer, in saying this cost doesnt matter that much in Single Player so hopefully they just get a cost nerf in MP and in single player get technologies that make them relevant past mid game.
  • ShiroAmakusa75ShiroAmakusa75 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 32,726
    None of those ideas sound like anything they should be given, especially not for free.

    And ranged firepower in this game is already OP, even moreso on factions like VCoast which are OP as a whole, so they should not get even more buffs in that regard.

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