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The Wood Elves changes seem extemly tedious

MioWave#2833MioWave#2833 Registered Users Posts: 60
I had to say that first, sound hard but thats just it
also: it is just a personal opinion

So, here is a critique and suggestions:


Reworks are ment to make underplayed factions interesting and more fun to play with. This is archeved by adding lots of interesting mechanics and cool exploits which you can use to enjoy it more.
This update does not do that.

The wood elves in the patch seem extremly tedious and not fun to play, which to be fair, wasn´t good before but at least there was some stuff you could do to make it enjoiable
As it is now, it looks just horrifficly bad.

This change will never make the wood elves more interesting or fun to play, they are, in many parts, worse than before

Please look at which factions are played often and think about why
Regardless of giving unique experiences, they wont get played more often. Possibly less soon

So now here are a lot of personal ideas for how to make them actually good:



Settlemenst have 12 Slots again, why would you ever change that

Bring back the money buff building for adjacent Provinces why would you ever remove that

Bring back the 4 special shrines, all can be build at tier 5
they give now good Global buffs, can only be built once; and unlock a special technology for an even better buff
like 10 Replenishment and with technology 10 more

Rework Moonspring Archeive Building, its totally useless and why would you ever build that (10 Percent for research, and eagle cost reduction is totally useless)

Wood elves don´t have a lot of settlements regardless, so at least let them get build up better


Completely rework the outposts, a little bit more money than zero, like 50, have you tired that
can go to tier 3

Better buildings in outposts
Main building up to 150 Gold (tier3)
One building additional that gives Up to 150 Gold (3 tiers to build)
One Garrison
One for growth global or adjacent
one for Army buff and so on
ONE which produces Ember, why is it gone,
Just as the wood elves are now REGARDLESS of LORE the seem not better, most people build empires, thats why Chaos Norsca Beastmen and wood elves are really bad and not a lot people play them; or BUY THEM

You have to bring MORE AND NOT LESS mechanics and stuff to work with in the campaign
With that outposts are better to hold and more usefull and interesting
Also it helpes with money

Give the player more not less to do.
To be fair, in the old campain you could win by only turn end and doing nothing but now its still just often end turn clicking
Most people just enjoy to paint the map, so outposts should be better

Campaign stuff:

Rework the Wood Elve offices, most of them seem totally useless if you play on the campaign.
Just leave the old ones, they were way better.
As it is now i´ll most likely never look at them in campaign


Make it so that you get the forest regions REGARDLESS of who holds it, just by archeivement or battle, than you just get it without declaring war. At tier 2, just because

Why you ask?:
If Dwarfs have a forest, you´ll never get that forest
If Empire has a forest, you won´t ever have this forest
If Thyrion has a forest, he will Sword of Khaine you if you try

Remove the confederate by winning against certain factions, something like this is just bad; especially because you´ll **** of the ORDERTIDE factions
additional: imagine you hold on confederating Durthu but Thorgrim confederates all dwarfs ...

Rework the Wood Elve offices, most of them seem completely useless if you play on the campaign. Or just leave the old ones, which were way better.
Regardless of how much you buff eagles and wild riders, they are so XXXX in campaign that you will never recruit them,
These units are essential in multiplayer but in single player just a total waste.

if you have forests around the world, how do you protect them


Ember should be a usable and harvestable resouce, now its just a place holder for "you get one special technology, congrats"
if it werent there you wouldnt realize

To give factions another workable resoruce next ot money is a great idea to enhance gameplay, even if it does not do much.

Talon of Kurnos, i personally didnt stack it, but if it was there, it was nice to have; just give the people fun mechanics and exploits,

No great power penalty for wood elves,
especially if you have Forests around the world

Bring back technologys to buff relations with ALL factions.
Wood elves NEED those (ORDERTIDE)

Sea ports make more gold again

BRING A CORRUPTION TYPE FOR WOOD ELVES every 2 Percent of corrupion gives wood elves 1 Percent more movement speed and others loose 1
With that, you can empire build, which most players want to do

This will allow you to better react to outside threads with less armies
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  • irgistroy#6073irgistroy#6073 Registered Users Posts: 7
    stop flaming
  • vg45#5577vg45#5577 Registered Users Posts: 183
    WElfs have offered some of my favourite campaigns, the very first time I tried them I was too terrible at the game and just really struggled with them, the second time I went for a very peaceful route and won the game through military alliances and spending all my amber on the tree and just having one good stack for winning the final battle. Now I started a campaign to try doing the conquering WE focussing on conquering ports and maximizing income and it's been great fun as well, but it is also very strange to me that this is perhaps the most efficient way to play WE because in the lore that is not what they are like at all and I have already tried the peaceful route and it was great fun and much different from my standard TWW playthrough, I think you will love it when you try the new Wood Elves and don't have the ability to just conquer everyone as you do with every other faction. Whether they are stronger or weaker depends on how you view things, if your goal is to conquer the world then they will definitely be worse off, but I think that might be good, but as long as they can still complete their campaign goals then I do not believe it is a problem.

    Wild Riders are not that bad, it depends on the difficulty setting you play on, try to lower your difficulty setting and have a little more fun with your army compositions, cheese can be fun, but having varied armies can also feel rewarding. Wild Riders being tier 3 makes them a lot better compared to the tier 5 cavalry that compete with dragons. If a rework adds an exploit then it is a poor rework, you should not have to rely on exploits to win. I think most people agree the Greenskin update was great and I cannot think of any exploit that was the cause of the improved campaign.

    Who knows, maybe the building that increases razing income will make up for the other income losses since Wood Elves make insane amounts of money from razing, imagine getting another 5-50k when you raze a major city because you occupied a neighbouring city and built that there first, suddenly all that lost income from how the faction currently works is almost made up and doesn't it make more sense that your money is made from setting up Sacrificial Grounds and then going out and destroying the settlements of your enemies instead of building a trade and naval empire with a faction that is canonically land-locked?

    I strongly disagree that amber was a good mechanic and I think the new mechanic is one of the few good uses I can see for having a unique faction currency, I think most faction mechanics like slaves and scrap are window-dressing that might make a faction seem more different than it actually is, Dark Elves slave buildings could just give a penalty to control and a bonus to post-battle loot and you would have pretty much the same effect and then their rites could cost gold. I know I am weird when it comes to this, but I think gold should be the only currency in the game.

    I think you use of caps lock might repulse some readers, it seems like you are more interested in venting than offering legitimate feedback because of the randomly capitalised words. You should also get Grammarly browser extension, it checks your spelling for you.
  • MioWave#2833MioWave#2833 Registered Users Posts: 60
    i Played the game for 1600 hours

    if you stay in the forest and press only turn end
    with military alliance youll "buy all ember" and than thats it. You dont have to ever play the game actually.

    You cant play the wood elves often cause they are boring
    At turn 150 I expect to do whatever iwant im my campaign cause i build up all good.

    but not really with wood elves
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