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I'm thinking the new changes to knock down and collision may dramatically shift the meta to defense

XxXScorpionXxXXxXScorpionXxX Registered Users Posts: 2,070
edited November 2020 in Multiplayer
If its true that the new knock down changes doesn't only apply to lords and heroes but all units like spearmen then that means it will be extremely difficult to engage and disengage with units like Chariots and Cav. It will be much harder to push through the front line with monstrous infantry. As a result it will be easier to defend gun lines from those things. I think this will shift the meta in favor of gun factions like Dwarfs, Skaven, Empire, and Coast and to a lesser extent the Elves.

And it will adversely effect rush down factions. Beastmen, Norsca, Vampire Counts, Warriors of Chaos, Bretonnia
Request scorched body textures, poisoned dying animations for infantry's skeletons, a blood slider that allows us to control how much blood appears in battle and make proper death animations for all ethereal units so they vanish for Blood for the Blood God 3.


  • outrage4outrage4 master engineerRegistered Users Posts: 422
    Exactly my thoughts but i guess we need to actually see how it affects cavlery and chariots.

    But yeah, potentially disasterous nerf to cav that can lead to awful defencive meta as if such builds were not too rewarding already.
  • hanenhanen Registered Users Posts: 519
    But I thought everyone liked playing against Coast or Dawi?
  • WitchbladeWitchblade Registered Users Posts: 905
    Yeah, I hope this doesn't affect cav or chariots, as those are generally well balanced currently. If the change affects things like skeleton chariots vs infantry, those will have no hope of pulling through anything significant anymore. The black coach too would become completely useless.
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,636
    edited November 2020
    Not really a defensive meta, so much as a FURTHER nerf to monsters + a buff to the chaff x missile spam based play that has been dominant for awhile now. It’s not necessarily DEFENSIVE as there’s a lot that can be done offensively with skirmish cav + stalk units.... as obnoxious as that style is.

    So the meta won’t change dramatically, it will just be further pushed into the direction it was already leaning.

    I guess it will reduce cycle charging by goon squads a smidge, so I like THAT aspect of the change.

    But overall, I do think they should be working more on how to make a greater variety of strategies and units viable.... rather than continuously funneling the mode into the same general style of play.

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