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More Skaven things yes yes !

MinotauroneMinotaurone Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 145
We NEED more Skaven things yes yes

(Serious now, i'm waiting the Beastmen update/dlc)



  • ROMOBOYROMOBOY Registered Users Posts: 4,365
    Clan Ferrik always seemed cool to me. They put a heavy emphasis on their armor.
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  • Surge_2Surge_2 Registered Users Posts: 6,766
    Campaign Management is for suckers.

  • DaruwindDaruwind Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,447

    His Royal Highness, Phoenix King Finubar!

    "It has been too long since I drew a blade in anger, Tyrion. You have been my sword, and Teclis has been my shield. But now it is time I fought my own battles!"
  • ReeksReeks Registered Users Posts: 7,414
    Not enough Skaven.......



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  • DjauDjau Registered Users Posts: 7,851
    Clan Vrrtkin time!

    But more importantly, Clan Skurvy and Clan Krizzor!
    Albion would make the perfect Total War Warhammer 3 pre-order; with Hengus the Druid and Bran MacKerog as Legendary Lords.

    We're paying full price for a Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch without any actual Tzeentch markings or changes to the model? Change this now CA, #JusticeForTzeentch #TLM
  • Sfigatto16Sfigatto16 Registered Users Posts: 230
    Clan Skab, I would like to see what CA can create with their imagination without GW restrictions.
    Until now they always have done an amazing job
  • RheingoldRheingold Registered Users Posts: 1,035
    edited November 2020
    Thanquol, boneripper and stormvermin. Then CA can work on the other factions to try and bring them up to natural Skaven superiority if possible :D

    EDIT: senior moment - we already have stormvermin. I meant stormfiends.
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  • Sfigatto16Sfigatto16 Registered Users Posts: 230
    An order tide Skaven clan ahahaha
    Few hundred people will be present in front CA studios to have a talk
  • VenefcusVenefcus Registered Users Posts: 107
    We need a Skaven Clan release every year to keep up with tradition, so eventually we will see them all. 100% confirmed. (Honestly though, if we’re moving toward game three I expect many years before the next Skaven release, so enjoy it while we can. Tranquol might be a very long way off.)
  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,121
    I'd like to see the normal infantry RoRs with the Skaven.. there's loads:

  • Pr4vdaPr4vda Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,830
    Well, that's is a reminder that a few major skaven cities are not in game : Black Chasm, Putrid Swamp, etc.

    Oh, and that Rat holding a Jezzail pistol could be fun too ! Each race should have that kind of possibilities (if it is lorefull, of course, like an empire captain with a pistol, etc.).
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