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LENOVO Notebook Ideapad Gaming 3 for WH2

LudboneLudbone Registered Users Posts: 1,230
edited November 2020 in Technology
Hello guys! I'd like to buy a new gaming Notebook and recently I've found this one:

- What do you think about it?

- Can I play WH2 at Ultra-Setting without problems?

Thanks for your help!
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  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,254
    The graphics card is pretty weak. A review of the desktop version, which should be about 2% faster, so negligible difference:

    That 34 FPS listed for the two 1650's there, is an average. You will easily see half that performance in a double stack battle, maybe worse.

    Ultra is definitely pushing it depending on what you consider a problem. Chugging down to 15FPS in a big battle isn't exactly fun, and I'd hate to be playing the game in that territory normally.

    Those specs with a 1660 Ti would be a massive improvement and far more practical for ultra expectations.
  • LaMOiLaMOi Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited January 16
    I’m buying a laptop too.

    What’s you’re price range?? — I’ve been doing my own research too.

    Happy to share / help from what I’ve learned.

    HP Omen

    Are brands that seem decent.

    I would only recommend a laptop if a Desktop is not an option. It’s really important to properly consider this..

    I am getting an laptop only because currently I live in a flat, I have young children — I simply don’t have the room. When we eventually move I may later get a desktop. So for now a laptop is far more practical.

    If you have space, a desktop is the far better option since you can upgrade everything, over time, as you need to.

    With laptops the upgrade options are very limited.
    You’re looking at RAM maybe a slot or two (and there a limit e.g 32GB on some laptops) and external Hard Drives and that’s it. The processor and graphics card you are stuck with and everything else.

    So because of this buying a laptop forces you then to think about longevity, and with that in mind you will want to steer towards something more powerful.

    Another thing to be mindful of is the thermal cooling. A lot of laptops run hot. Some more than others.

    Also research the components; chip sets, graphics cards etc. Ray tracing and 4k resolutions are only available on newer graphics cards. That maybe a consideration for you or not? But important to know what you’re going to be getting as any way you cut it — it’s a lot of money to spend.


    Ps the laptop you have there for that price does not look great. For around £1000 you can get something pretty decent.

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