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This game is broken at Medium and Large Unit size [Cannon bug]

GrognardiusGrognardius Registered Users Posts: 1
The number of cannons in each artillery unit at each Unit Size setting is supposed to be:

Small - 1
Medium - 2
Large - 3
Ultra - 4

However, in the actual game it is:

Small - 1
Medium - 3
Large - 4
Ultra - 4

According to [url=https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/1143/horse-cannon-unit-glitch]this thread[/url] from a decade ago, this bug was introduced in the last update. I find it incredible that it's never been fixed.

It makes the game unplayable - maybe not technically, but in effect - for those that play on Medium or Large Unit size. I don't like playing on Ultra unit size that much, and don't really have the rig for it.

So, sadly, I am giving up on this game, having yet to start a grand campaign with it.
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