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Corruption and how it can be made unique in a future update

CosmicMoanCosmicMoan Registered Users Posts: 39

I believe that the Vampire Counts are in serious need of another rework. I previously made a post about the Dwarfs, and I have also made a post a long time ago about how the Vampire Counts could be reworked in the future. I'll leave a link to that post here (https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/268738/suggestions-for-future-revisits-to-the-vampire-counts#latest ).

Now, I don't wanna talk about any of the points I made in that post. Not about most of it at least. I wanna focus on corruption; with an emphasis on vampiric corruption.

Vampiric Corruption

I think the Vampire Counts need to have more emphasis on a scheming and plotting playstyle in comparison to other races. Especially since they're surrounded by enemies and cattle on all sides. Their corruption mechanic is already a great tool to contribute to such a playstyle.

Instead of corruption just being a public order penalty and giving corruption to living armies, what if the more vampiric corruption a region gets, the more diplomatic bonuses the local living faction gains towards the vampire counts, but also loses towards other faction living factions?

If the affected faction is human and reaches too high vampiric corruption within at least half of its empire, then that faction will become susceptible to being vassalized by the vampire counts.

Also, above a certain threshold, the vampire's influence makes the faction more willing to break their treaties with other factions. This way CA doesn't have to give the vampire counts another influence copy-pasta treatment and this becomes a more interactive way of sabotaging your opponents.

Trade agreements should also spread vampiric corruption into a trade-partner's regions. Imo, abandoned regions should also spread.

Chaos Corruption

I think one good change would be for regions with high chaos corruption to make them uncolonisable for about 10 turns. The corruption in that region must be lowered to a certain threshold for it to be colonisable again before the limit. This limit could maybe be extended through technologies. After the 10 turns, the region should be recolonisable again, but if it has a Herdstone or Chaos Gate, then the colonizing army has to face a beastmen/daemon army that functions the same as a garrison. It would also be cool if the higher the chaos corruption is in a region, the more winds of magic there is within that region AND it will also mutate your forces and inevitably give them an ability that might turn them into chaos spawn in a battle. We're already kinda getting something similar with the new Moulder mutagen mechanic. Retaking regions from chaos should be a war of attrition and pure hell.

Skaven Corruption

Skaven corruption should give a chance of spawning an undercity in a region. Undercities should also cause skaven rebellions once demolished to add a risk factor into getting rid of them. High enough Skaven corruption should also lower the line of sight of a region and your armies within it.

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  • vg45#5577vg45#5577 DenmarkRegistered Users Posts: 183
    Vampire Counts are in a fine spot in terms of campaign mode, they need an update far less than Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen. Corruption starts being more important on higher difficulties where public order is a bigger problem, if skeleton spamming and zombie spamming gets nerfed then the increased rate of rebellion becomes more important, but it is not something that needs a major rework IMO. All vampiric factions could have a bonus to Diplomatic relations depending on how heavily the faction's settlements suffer from vampiric corruption, but I think it might be simpler to have hero Vampires have a skill that allows them to spread influence and increase Diplomatic relations with the controller of the settlement they are in. I am afraid that Vampiric Corruption becomes too important, it's great if you enjoy spreading your vampiric influence, corrupting the lands of your neighbours etc. etc. But a lot of vampire counts have gotten what they wanted by force, all of their schemes to influence the Empire and become emperor have failed and they ended up having to go in with military force to try to take what they want. Total War Warhammer is both an RTS and an empire-building game and if you put too much of Vampire Counts power budget towards the empire-building aspect of the game by letting them swallow up heavily corrupted factions then they will either be extremely strong or their RTS mechanics will have to suffer relative to other factions.

    I really dislike your idea of having Chaos garrisons everywhere, they are razing the cities, not settling and protecting them. I also question why it should be hard to resettle areas ravaged by a chaos horde? The Empire has been sacked several times by Chaos and they build back up every time. IMO what is lacking is the agents from TWW1 that made life for the Empire hell before the actual Chaos invasion arrived. This is to deal with the gameplay issue of your enemies resettling too quickly right? Well, how about just making the Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen factions more powerful and snowbally in campaign mode such that you can capitalize on your successes and become a true terror as easily as you can with any faction that settles normally. To me, it is also a question of making it easy enough to work with other factions as Chaos, such that your allies can resettle and guard cities you raze. I believe outside frozen and chaos regions Chaos rebellions should be made up of Beastmen, it makes much more sense for them to be infecting everywhere than it does for a Warriors of Chaos horde to show up out of nowhere.

    One thing that IMO has to happen is the AI needs to be more susceptible to corruption, trying to corrupt a land right now seems useless, but I don't think the answer is making it impossible to settle corrupted land or forcing factions to give up when they are heavily corrupted, they should get rebellions, same as the player. Chaos corruption does IMO need another benefit to causing rebellions, Vampire Counts get to farm rebellions while keeping a city as a sack city and can use vampiric corruption to keep control of their own land. Chaos could get some kind of positive effect from standing in corrupted regions, like perhaps being more likely to get items after battles. Alternatively, Chaos rebellions could fall under the control of Chaos after destroying their target instead of magically disappearing, this is actually something I would love. Imagine Beastmen getting another 10 or 15 armies over the course of a 100 turns of play.

    It takes away from Warlock Engineers and the Rites of the various Skaven clans if you can get undercities for free. Which faction do you suggest get control of any undercities spawned by corruption? I feel like Skaven have it easy enough and they also get free Clanrats in heavily corrupted areas, perhaps Vampires could get extra magic or summons in places with lots of vampiric corruption and Chaos the same in places with lots of chaos corruption, although I would prefer getting more items to pimp out my champions. I absolutely agree that Skaven undercities should mount some kind of defence when they are destroyed, the flat sum paid to deal with the problem is too abstract. Once Daemons of Chaos get implemented in game 3 the number of options in terms of how chaos corruption can be improved in thematic ways will skyrocket, but vampiric corruption is currently the most useful of the corruption mechanics because of how it determines whether you can keep public order in a region after taking it over, the only problem is that if you just spam enough cheap armies rebellions become a non-issue.
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